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The famous Grant’s Old Fashioned whisky cocktail

The Grant’s Ancient Fashioned brew is as elegant as they come. Made legendary at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, it combines a mix of Grant’s Family tree Set aside with orange and Angostura bitters. Our mixologist demonstrates how this brew classic must be served.
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Grant’s Manhattan whisky cocktail

Our mixologist shows you how to mix the exact Grant’s Manhattan.

How to make the classic Rusty Nail cocktail with Grant’s

This classic brew is a mix of Grant’s 12 Year Ancient whisky and Drambuie, garnished with a cinnamon stick, well served by our mixologist.
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Grant’s whisky US TV commercial – friends

This money-building is about the pleasure of allotment the excellent equipment in life with the broadcast you care for.
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Frosted Grant’s whisky cocktail

Our mixologist shows you how to mix the exact Frozen Grant’s.
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grants whisky

Shape up by mario oreilly

ruin whisky Grants As the whisky diligence continues to merge, the days of family tree-owned distiller/blenders is quick apt a memories. William Grant & Sons is one of the few noble exceptions, proving that a family tree firm compete with the UDVs of this world by being as self-ample as doable.

Every firm uses its own malts as the core of its blends: Grant’s can draw on the Dufftown triumvirate of Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie, even if it still buys or exchanges over 40 other malts for its blends. Grant’s also uses its own grain whisky from its distillery in Girvan, which it bottles as Black Barrel.

The need to keep as many of the fillings in-house was the rationale in the rear construction Kininvie in 1990. Constructing a new distillery is everlastingly a abstractedly nervy encounter, as you can never be 100 per cent fastidious how the malt will turn out, how it will mature or how it will go in a blend. Thankfully, Grant’s ever-modest master liquidizer David Stewart is pleased with Kininvie’s normal so far. ‘We built it to give us a fruity note for the blends,’ he clarifies. ‘I’ve been using it in Family tree Set aside for the past four years and eventually it may end up in the 12-year-ancient, even if we still don’t know what a 12-year-ancient Kininvie will be like’.

Kininvie’s arrival doesn’t mean the malts it replaces are at once taken out of the blend, as the administer is a gradual one concerning relentless balancing and rebalancing of flavours and gears in the blends. What is fastidious is that Kininvie won’t scare the attractive, sweet and complicated Grant’s style; where David uses the clean, quick-budding Girvan grain as a platform for some commanding interaction between the malts.

While the Dufftown core ruins the same in the Grant’s range, he uses lighter malts in Clan McGregor and Family tree Set aside, and meatier players such as Cragganmore, Raised ground Park and The Macallan in older blends. ‘There may be more malt in the older blends,’ he says, ‘but don’t underestimate the grain. It does grant flavour as well’.

G RA N T’ S One of the most legendary families in whisky, the Grants had by now built their Glenfiddich distillery three years prior to the launch of their blend – formerly Standfast, now Family tree Set aside.


Grant’s Family tree ReserveA sweet smelling nose, incorporation honey/lime bloom, pear and light smoke. Very soft chocolate/vanilla start before to a excellent, devious interaction between malt and grain, and a crisp and attractively nutty close.

Grant’s Whisky – Nick Nairn cooking with Ale Cask

Scottish star chef Nick Nairn shows you how to cook collops of beef with Grant’s Ale Cask Whisky and breed cream, served with bendy spinach and crushed tatties. Plus until 31st October 2010 you could win the chance to see Nick cook you Christmas lunch live – visit the Whisky Bar Only one of its kind After Hours and enter today Nick Nairn is a Grant’s After Hours Club ambassador and you can find out more about Nick along with tips and competitions from him and our other ambassadors. Why not explore the club at grantswhisky/afterhours

whisky review 115 – Grant’s Family Reserve (Blended Scotch)

…. A huge promotion Whisky in many Countries nearly the World.
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Grant’s whisky US TV commercial – workmates

This money-building is about the pleasure of building a touch by hand. It facial appearance the craftsmen who make Grant’s whisky. It is set in the Scottish distillery and shows the Master Liquidizer amalgamation the whisky and the barrel makers skilfully effective with the wood that makes the oak whisky barrels.

A short introduction to the world of Grant’s whisky

Our comprehensive ambassador Ludo Ducrocq gives a small initiation to the description in the rear Scotland’s oldest family tree blend. He also shows you how to ‘nose’ a dram of Grant’s. We’d like to say a huge thank you to DJ Sonny who provided the music, and Jason, Alain and the rest of the Fine Young Man Manufacture crew for the confirmation.