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The Most interesting Vodka within the World? Vodka made out of Champagne Grapes – Guillotine Vodka

How Good is Guillotine, Champagne Grape French Vodka?

Guillotine is somewhat new French Vodka, launched in early 2018, that claims to be “a reduce above the remaining” due to being distilled from Champagne grapes.

Just like the super-famous and in style Gray Goose, Guillotine Vodka is made in France, however in contrast to Gray Goose the bottom ingredient in not grain however somewhat Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, the everyday Champagne mix grape varieties, and sourced from France’s Champagne wine area itself.

The “Vodka Revolutionnaire” is on the market in two variations. The Originale is a basic white vodka whereas the Heritage Version is a brown vodka aged in Armagnac and Cognac French oak casks.

Guillotine was launched to the US market in Could this 12 months, and it’s discovered there the help of American actor and singer Jamie Foxx who appears to “adore it”.

So, has utilizing grapes from one of many world’s best wine terroir made a distinction for crafting a super-fine Vodka?

I’m no Vodka professional. A wine professional somewhat! However I can admire a nice spirit after I style one.

And I’ve to confess being fortunately shocked by the precision of flavors, and by the smoothness of each Guilltine vodkas.

They’re delicately-scented, refined of their fragrant and taste expressions, and totally pleasing to sip. The very definition of a nice spirit!

Whereas the Originale stays a white Vodka, a reasonably impartial alcohol, with pungent gin-like notes to it when it warms up although, the Heritage Version clearly is one thing particular.

Most spirits which are aged in oak have stronger flavors to start out with earlier than they tackle the oaky affect. The results of ageing Guillotine Vodka in Cognac and Armagnac, Limousin oak barrels, is a fragile and exact oaky expression, full of caramel and hazelnut goodness, complemented by attractive citrus peel confit generosity.

Under are my full tasting notes for every of Guillotine’s vodkas, and the tasting video the place I analyzed and reacted ‘reside’ to my first impressions with the merchandise.

Take pleasure in…

Watch Guillotine Vodka Critiques in Video

Guillotine ‘Originale’ Grape Vodka – Assessment Notes

A transparent Vodka with each a pungent and delicate fragrant profile.

The aromas are comfortable and gentle to the nostril, however they’re additionally surprisingly aromatic, particularly because the Vodka warms up a bit of. Explosive notes of lime and lemon, include natural scents of juniper and white pepper, orange peel and star anise.

There’s one thing of a Gin’s fragrant profile, however a lot subtler and extra delicate…

The tasting sensation is totally comfortable and easy, with no edges or aggressiveness in any way, only a cloud of warming alcohol on a spherical and oily texture, with a burst of fruity and minty flavors.

A particularly delicate and easy Vodka, full of attention-grabbing, layered and zingy scents of herbs, citrus and delicate spices, delivering a sensation of purity and utter smoothness for a seamless tasting expertise.

A beautiful clear Vodka.

Guillotine ‘Heritage Version’ Oak-Aged Grape Vodka – Assessment Notes

With a shiny amber colour, not too darkish however definitely clearly with a heap of brown hues, this oak-aged Vodka matured in Cognac and Armagnac barrel is pungent and intriguing to odor at.

What surprises most at first odor, is the abundance of citrus peels scents. Orange, cumquat, lemon and lime peels make for a sensational first impression. Mushy natural scents of juniper and fennel, augmented by super-delicate scents of caramel and French vanilla, make for a really lifted but deep and sophisticated, charming sniffing expertise.

The palate although, is absolutely the revelation (or is it a revolution?) right here!

Similar to the Originale, it is a very comfortable and totally easy Vodka, dry and centered, but maybe sweeter in its expression that its clear sibling, the affect of the ageing in oak definitely.

From the mid-palate on although, are available silky oak phenolics, including a deepening textural component.

Flavors are explosive, dominated by warming candy citrus confit notes, layered with a heap of candy spices. It’s considerably like tasting a heat and comforting Christmas pudding that may have been generously lined in booze.

Vanilla, raisin, dried pineapple, cinnamon and clove, nutmeg and pepper, include dried apricot, prune and star anise. Your thoughts is taken to a frantic universe of flavors, but a really comforting and pleasing one.

Pure and exact fruity flavors are surrounded by the generosity of a myriad of spices and sun-dried fruits and the depth of advanced oaky scents.

The purity of a Vodka with a Gin-like edge, married to an oaky, Cognac-like complexity.

The entire makes for a uncommon, extremely satisfying, and distinctive tasting sensation. One thing I had by no means skilled earlier than.

Softer and fruitier brandy, even a nice one. Generously-scented like a Gin, but restrained and exact like a Vodka.

Maybe certainly, the Guillotine Vodka is a Revolution. No less than, it IS definitely a revelation….

Julien Miquel

Be taught extra in regards to the Guillotine Vodka challenge, about Founder Paul Berkman and Accomplice Jean-Luc Braud (ex- Remy Cointreau) on

Wine Time period: Teinturier Grapes

What’s a Teinturier Grape?

A teinturier grape is purple wine grape with darkish skins and flesh. In distinction, common purple wine grapes have darkish skins, however clear flesh. Fittingly, the phrase “teinturier” comes from the French “to dye or stain.”

Teinturier grapes aren’t a standard sight within the winery.


Wait, Pink Wine Grapes Have Clear Juice?

Certainly! It’s really the grape pores and skin that creates the colour of the wine.

When the skins are soaked in juice, anthocyanin (colour pigment) is launched, actually staining the wine consequently. For that purpose, we are able to have things like rosé (restricted pores and skin contact) and white Pinot Noir (zero pores and skin contact–made like a white wine.)

Although, like most issues in wine, there’s an exception to the rule. It’s close to unimaginable to make a white Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon because the skins stain the juice nearly instantly, consequently making a not white wine. Included on this group of “at all times purple” wines are teinturier grapes with darkish skins and purple flesh.

Why Do Teinturier Grapes Exist?

It’s a pure mutation. It’s thought that these red-fleshed grapes have been grown so as to add visible depth to Aramon wine. Aramon (which continues to be in existence right now) is a extremely productive, mildew-resistant purple wine selection from Languedoc-Roussillon.

Starting within the 19th Century and spanning into the 1960s, Aramon was supposedly France’s most generally grown grape. Sadly, it was grown for high quality (not amount) and largely discovered its manner into low-cost, easy-drinking rosé. Womp womp.

Teinturier Grapes Chambourcin, Saperavi, Alicante Bouschet Illustration by Wine Folly

three Examples of Teinturier Grapes

Alicante Bouschet

If you happen to already knew about teinturier grapes, that is probably the grape you had in thoughts! Initially cultivated in 1866 so as to add visible depth to Aramon, Alicante is thought for producing being deep, darkish purple wines when used alone. It hasn’t at all times loved the very best of reputations. (At all times the blender, by no means the blendee, eh, Alicante?) Nevertheless, that’s altering quick in Spain and Portugal the place it’s made into textured wines with wealthy blackberry flavors and spice notes.


The pleasure of Georgia (the nation, not the state) and broadly planted all through the previous Soviet Republic, this teinturier grape makes, yep, you guessed it, deep, darkish purple wines with ample acidity. In contrast to Alicante, Saperavi is usually referred to as a single-varietal wine with finer examples boasting age-worthy potential. It’s the wine you need if you’re chowing down on a stuffed, meaty pasta.


(“Sham-boor-sin”) Not solely is cold-resistant Chambourcin a teinturier grape, it’s additionally a French-American hybrid! (Good ol’ North American melting pot!) You could have observed a “deep and darkish” sample with these wines, however Chambourcin is definitely extra akin to Cabernet Franc. If you will get your fingers on it, count on strong black cherry flavors, together with some tobacco and inexperienced pepper notes. It might even change your opinion of wines produced from hybrid grapes…


Historical past of Teinturier: Robinson, Jancis, The Oxford Companion to Wine, pg. 13, 31, 645-646, 732


By Vincent Rendoni
I am a spicy meatball who loves light-bodied reds, fragrant whites, video video games, and for higher or worse, Seattle sports activities groups. I used to be an enormous fan of Wine Folly earlier than being employed, so I assume you might say I am residing the dream.