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Holidaying Is Fun When You Can Enjoy Great Rum and Whiskey Drinks

Article by Tennessee Distiller

Holidays are great fun. Vacations allow people to relax and reenergize themselves for the rigors of everyday life. But holidays are also meant for spending valuable time with friends and loved ones. People love driving to nearby vacation spots, with excited and joyous friends, with plenty of song and dance. But if you wish to have night-long parties with great music and unending fun, you need good drinks apart from good food. Rum drinks and whiskey drinks are the best party drinks, because of their strong taste, easy availability, and the “high” you feel after a few glasses. Grooving to the beat of a jazzy number or having the hottest women dance with you is much more exciting when you have had some whiskey or rum.

Some rum recipes are extremely popular around the world. Bacardi rum when topped with coke and ice and garnished with lime slice is known as Cuba libre and a favorite of many rum lovers. Rums made from key lime, like Mojito and Margarita rum, those made from peach mango, like Georgia mimosa and Georgia gimlet, and from Cranberry, are rums that are the most popular rums doing the rounds. However, if you prefer whiskey drinks to rum, Tennessee whiskey recipes are very famous.

If you prefer old-fashioned drinks, you can create a splendid whiskey cocktail. Just dissolve a small lump of sugar with a little water in a whiskey-glass, add two dashes Angostura bitters, a small piece ice, a piece lemon-peel, and one jigger whiskey. Mix with a small bar-spoon and drink.

Single malt whiskey is usually known as a “man’s drink.” There are several types of whiskey drinks which can be created using single malt whiskey. Whiskey Sour is a classic drink made by mixing 3 parts whiskey, 2 parts fresh lemon juice, and 1 part Gomme syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice. It is further strained with maraschino cherry to give it a unique taste. Manhattan and Scotch whiskeys are also popular. If you like the Manhattan whiskey, you will also like Rob Roy, made from scotch, sweet vermouth, and bitters. It is stirred and strained into a Martini glass for best experience.

Since whiskey drinks come in such varieties, if you are a on a vacation at a new place, you will probably have to research a bit before you decide upon which whiskey to order or make. It is important to know the intricacies because American whiskey is different from Canadian whiskey; Scotch and Irish whiskeys are entirely different too. If your friends or colleagues are Scottish, they will make the same whiskey in a different way using different ingredients than an American or Canadian would. Differences exist in rums too. Some people prefer white rums, with subtle flavors, while some prefer amber or golden rums that are older. Dark rums and spiced rums are also popular in certain parts of the world. So you need to be careful to order or prepare the right whiskey or rum, and then you will have a great time holidaying.