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What’s the Best Order of Cocktail Ingredients?

AJ Rathbun, author of CHOW-approved cocktail books “Good Spirits” and “Luscious Liqueurs,” shares the proper order of ingredients for making a cocktail Start with ice. Add your base alcohol, then any secondary liqueurs, then your juice or mixers.

Horlicks Ingredients – What’s In Horlicks?

==> Horlicks Ingredients – Exact Ingredients Here

Horlicks is best known for helping you to sleep and a mug of Horlicks at bed time is a real warming treat.

Not only is Horlicks delicious at night time but many people enjoy a cup of Horlicks at any time of the day.

Many people are interested in finding out the ingredients in the products that they consume.

==> Horlicks Ingredients – Exact Ingredients Here

It is easy to forget what a certain beverages consists of, especially if that drink is a favorite of yours and you find it really tasty.

Discovering the ingredients a drink contains, opens your eyes to what you are consuming and then you can decide if that drink product is right for you.

Many folk are looking at Horlicks ingredients to make sure it does not contain any of the ingredients that they do not wish to consume.

Horlicks is very easy to make and can be mixed with milk or water.

Its one of those drinks that has a smooth taste which some peoples taste buds just don’t like. Other people love Horlicks and have horlicks whenever they feel the need.

Horlicks ingredients are very varied, one of the ingredients being malted barley.

Getting enough sleep is crucial for our physical and mental health, so anything that can help us sleep is beneficial. Just the warming effect of Horlicks alone makes us feel good.

The different ingredients in beverages is interesting and well worth the research involved. You will probably be greatly suprised by what some drinks consist of.

How To Make Simple Vodka Drinks : Ingredients to Make a Dirty Martini

Get the proper ingredients for a dirty martini; get expert tips on making your own vodka cocktails in this free instructional video. Expert: Laura Joy Bio: Laura Joy has bartended all over Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire at a wide variety of functions ranging from private parties to casino parties to large-scale events. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Delicious Drinks From Unlikely Ingredients

WHEN food is in abundance, waste is common. But when prices are high or supplies are short, some housewives learn to be resourceful. In Guyana many women do not even throw away the peel of the potato. They use the skins of potato, pineapple, plantain and other items to make beverages. Seeds of fruits such as papaw are also used to produce delicious drinks.

These beverages are very easy to make, and are nonalcoholic. Their widespread use in Guyana springs from the fact that an almost endless variety can be produced. They are served as thirst quenchers and refreshers, particularly on a warm day. Their tastes are quite varied and each one has its own characteristics.

Are flavorings used at all? Yes. Cinnamon and clove, among others, may be added to improve taste. Experience has shown that only very small quantities of these flavorings are needed.

Developing the art of making these drinks is largely a matter of trial and error. How so? The housewife merely sets peels or skins in some water, and after a few days she adds some sugar. Should it taste good, she experiments with it further.

After a Guyanese housewife finds good recipes, according to taste, color and length of time involved in preparation, she may pass on the information to others. Repeated experiments with respect to different fruits lead to a long list of homemade drinks of various blends, colors and tastes. So fruits formerly picked only for eating are, in addition, processed for producing beverages.

For the potato beverage the ingredients used are skin or peel of 4 to 6 potatoes, 1/2 gallon of water, clove and sugar. These are mixed together and left for three days before straining.

A particularly delicious drink is the one made from the pineapple peel. It is simple to prepare. Ingredients: (1) peel of one pineapple; (2) 4 glasses of boiling water; (3) sugar to taste and two cloves; (4) a piece of dried orange peel, if desired. Method: The peelings, cloves and orange peel are put in a jug, and boiling water is added. It is covered and left for twenty-four hours, after which the mixture is strained and sweetened. It should be used at once or bottled and kept for one or two days. When pineapples are plentiful, some of the pulp may be chopped and used with the peel.

A similar method may be adopted in using the pods of green peas and the skins or peels of guava and plantain. The green-pea beverage has the following ingredients: (1) 4 handfuls of green-pea pods; (2) 4 pints of water; (3) sugar to taste and a few cloves; (4) 1 level teaspoon of cinnamon; (5) 1 piece of dried orange peel; (6) a few drops of almond or pineapple essence. Method: Wash green-pea pods, place in a jar and add the water, sugar, spice and cloves, and dried orange peel. Leave it for three days. Strain and add the essence and ice, then serve.

A delicious papaw drink is made out of these ingredients: (1) Seeds taken from a yellow papaw; (2) 3 pints of water or more; (3) sugar to taste and a few cloves. Method: Put ingredients into a covered bottle and leave it for three days. Strain and serve with ice. Use a similar method for mango beverage.

There are obviously advantages from converting these apparent waste products to active, useful ingredients for beverages. For one thing, waste is conserved and money is thus saved. Production is inexpensive and almost labor free. There is the additional satisfaction the industrious housewife enjoys in developing her skill. Slight variation in processing can lead to a blend of different tastes and colors. Peels and seeds may seem to be unlikely ingredients, but they can produce delicious drinks.

Ingredients needed for a party

Article by Sharon Cooper

There is no better way than celebrating a birthday, engagement or other event than with a party. Throwing a party can be very fulfilling, particularly if the party goes well.

Many party planners get stressed because they do not know what they need to pull off a decent party. There are a number of things that are absolutely essential in order for the party to be successful.

As most people know, the most important thing at any party is refreshments. In a big gathering such as that people will want to eat and drink. There is no reason for you to not ask guests to bring a bottle to save on some of the expense, but if you think you can put out a few bowls of crisps and a jug of water, you are a little mistaken!

Finger food is best but choose products that are substantial. Sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, chicken dippers etc are all quick to make, easy to carry from room to room and can be displayed nicely. If you want something a little healthier a range of vegetables with low fat dips are great. Soft drinks are cheaper to supply than alcohol, just make sure there is a bit of variety.

Entertainment is the next most important thing. It can easily be done on the cheap. Connect your ipod or MP3 to your hi fi system, but make sure you have all the hi fi accessories needed to ensure the music actually comes out of the speakers. When deciding on music try and find play something that will cater for most tastes. If you are throwing a themed party, pick songs that best match the theme.

Lastly, don’t forget the decorations. Decorations will add value to any party you throw. You don’t have to go over the top, unless of course you want to. Decorating a room can be as simple as adding balloons and streamers to help give the room a more festive feel. if you feel like going all out banners and centre pieces are great, but remember decorations should not be so overblown that they hinder the party.

White Sangria Recipe….almost 5 Ingredients to Fabulous!!!

Here’s a recipe for a non traditional Sangria..enjoy!
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