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Johnnie Walker 綠標3D Projection Mapping 夜的華山品酩自然之旅

Johnnie Walker celebrated the launch of a new Green Label bottle with a first ever Johnnie Walker Green Label 3D projection event. JL Design rose to the challenge of creating the content in 4 weeks from pre-production to effect testing to the delivery of a visually stunning 5-minute film. The client had a fixed idea of how the four core flavors of the Green Label were to be presented. Our team, despite the restrictions, produced the striking CG effects. The historical building in Huashan1914, Creative Park, Taipei, became the architectural canvas for the projection of the Johnnie Walker Green Label film that saw history and technology come together in a splendid visual-audio display. Credits Design & Event Company: Big Bright Room Co. Creative Director: I Ju Huang Storyboard: Chi Yao Wang Technical Consultant: Tien Hung Wang Project Coordinator: Chia Hao Yang JL Design Creative Director: JL Executive Producer: Angela Moo Art Direction: JL Project Manager: Shirley Yang Head of Production: Chih Chung Tso CG Lead: Zoe Tsai Designer / Compositor: Showy Lin, Utsuo Chen, Lance Wei 3D Artist: Chih Chung Tso, Zoe Tsai, Gilbert Chu, Chan Chia Chang, Weiting Chen Original Music: Rockid Lee Sound Effects: Peter Pan
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scotch whisky review 112 – Johnnie Walker Green Label

… arguably the best of the entire Johnnie Walker range
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scotch whisky review 145 – Johnnie Walker Red Label (1960’s V 2010)

an interesting comparison of two generations of one of Scotch whiskies most enigmatic brands, and the top selling Scotch Blended Whisky in the World.
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Step Inside The Circuit With Johnnie Walker Black Label® – Exclusive Videos With Lewis Hamilton And Jenson Button

Article by RealWire

The makers of Johnnie Walker Black Label have launched ‘Step Inside the Circuit’ to offer an inside look into the glamorous and jet set life of an F1™ driver. The campaign is a celebration of Johnnie Walker’s partnership with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team and offers an intimate insight into the world of Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and the rest of the team both on and off the track.

Central to ‘Step Inside the Circuit’ is a series of short films shot during the 2010 season. The films enable fans to travel with the drivers to some of the most famous and exciting race locations in the Grand Prix calendar. Exclusive behind the scenes photographs are also scheduled for release which capture the stylish and sophisticated world of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button as Grand Prix drivers.

The first of six films is released today with others scheduled for gradual release through to the start of the 2011 season in March when new films will be produced. The first film ‘Meet the Team’ features key people from behind the scenes at the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team – the mechanics, the pit-crew, the trainers and the people who are integral to the team’s success.

To coincide with the launch a Johnnie Walker Black Label limited edition pack has been produced. The Johnnie Walker Gold Pass pack will provide opportunities to win ‘one of a kind’ motorsport experiences and prizes, including an incredible money can’t buy chance to live the glamorous lifestyle by joining Lewis and Jenson in Monaco over the Grand Prix weekend in May 2011. Others can also visit the Johnnie Walker Step Inside Facebook page for the chance to win spot prizes and see the films first as they are released.

Lisa Everingham, Johnnie Walker Brand Manager GB comments: “We have been able to capture content that no race fans have ever seen before. Through these films we bring to life the lifestyle of the world’s most in demand Grand Prix drivers including how they relax and celebrate a job well done, whilst showcasing the hard working and progressive nature of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team.”

Former World Champion and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team driver Jenson Button added: “This is a unique opportunity for people to see me, Lewis and the team in our natural environment and should give people a true appreciation of what we get up to behind the scenes and the hard work and effort that goes into creating a winning team.”

Johnnie Walker Whisky

Johnnie Walker Whisky is the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world, which is sold in almost every country with yearly sales of over 130 million bottles.

Johnnie Walker standard blends include green label, blue label, black label, gold label, red label, Johnnie Walker Swing and red & cola.

The Johnnie Walker Red Label blend, is much smoother and somewhat lighter than many of its contemporaries, as it retained the authentic flavour of traditional Scotch Whisky.

Johnnie Walker Black Label has an enigmatic character. The first sip leaves you with an overwhelming curiosity to discover more. As Black Label’s deep taste unfolds a myriad of flavours are revealed in several waves: first, there is an impression of silky richness; then deep and fruity foreground flavours give way to drier peaty nuances, followed by the complementary flavour tones of sweet vanilla and raisins. Recently released is the Johnnie Walker Black Label 100th Anniversary Collectors edition.

The Green Label is the newest addition to the Johnnie Walker portfolio. Introduced in 2004, Green Label is a pure malt scotch whisky, blended from four characteristic single malts (each at least 15 years old), which together create a balanced whisky evoking freshness and smoke.

Johnnie Walker Blue is heralded as the rarest and most exclusive blend. Released in 1992, Blue Label is the ultimate luxury Scotch Whisky and is created from the most unique and premium whiskies in the world. Blue Label is also known as the whisky for connoisseurs, and as such, each bottle is individually numbered.

Johnnie Walker Gold is a little more upscale, this particular blend boasts a smoky, caramel and vanilla aroma and a creamy, honeyed taste. This supremely scotch finishes with a light and lingering spiciness. Johnnie Walker Gold is a rare, fine Scotch blend that is still affordable to those that desire the Blue Label complexities. A must for any Scotch lover.

Every label they have produced is outstanding in their own right.

They have also produced some special and limited bottlings in the recent years.

You can purchase and find more information on Johnnie Walker Whisky by visiting Johnnie Walker Label

Johnnie Walker Android

Fantastic ad for Johnnie Walker!

Johnnie Walker – The Man Who Walked Around The World

Robert Carlyle: the story of Johnnie Walker

A 2009 British commercial for Johnnie Walker. The story of Johnnie Walker. Keep on walking !

Tasting Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Whisky Master, Stephen Wilson takes you through a tasting of the world’s rarest and most sought after whisky – Johnnie Walker Blue Label.
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