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whisky review 92 – Lagavulin 12 yo cask strength

… huge belter from Islay gets the ‘whiskyreview’ behavior

Lagavulin – Port Ellen Maltings

Lagavulin – a place of pilgrimage for many adorers of this prototypical Islay Release Malt ruin Whisky. But before to the malt whisky comes the malt – in this case, above all imbued with the memorable aromas of Islay’s peat. The malted barley for Lagavulin, and for numerous other Islay distilleries, is bent just up the road, at the Port Ellen Maltings. It’s seldom open to the broadcast, and even then, many parts are off-limits to visitors. So the visit you’re now invited to make is a privileged ticket to areas that most broadcast have never seen – where the operators themselves can give reasons for how we make the malt that makes some of the world’s most legendary Release Malt ruin Whiskies.

Lagavulin Managers

Lagavulin – a place of pilgrimage for many adorers of this prototypical Islay release malt ruin Whisky, crafted here since 1816 by many proficient hands and fantastic personalities. Now, once more, a distillery administrator has went on, to be replaced by a new one. In the following film of our Lagavulin run, meet Peter Campbell and Georgie Crawford…

Whisky Tasting 10: Lagavulin 16 Yr from Islay, Scotland

Lagavulin is from Islay. A evident island province renounced for producuing peaty whiskies. 4 distilleries primarily yield whiskies BIG in peat: Laphroaig, Port Ellen (silent now!), Ardbeg (reopened) and Lagavulin followed by the ordinary peat distilleries Bowmore and Caol Ila then the least peaty Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain. Lagavulin 16 is the flagship of this distillery. On the nose, sea breeze, sea mist, peat, sweet sherry, sweet maltiness, gun powder and smoke. Very complicated nose! More of the above mixed in pleasantly with a soft, full and round body. The close is commanding and long with sustained peat and dark chocolate. The release malt is spiritual scoring extra points on conundrum. Not a style for the faint hearted and can be a shock to the logic! Just a note, I often serve a excellent malt whisky (or two or three!) very than dessert wines after feast. Is this an after feast malt? Yes but for me an all day 24 hours malt! Yahoo! (95-97 points) Tasted by Michael Lam of the Drink Assess

Lagavulin – through the eyes of Iain McArthur

Lagavulin’s Iain McArthur talks about his 40 years effective with whisky on Islay.

whisky review 93 – Lagavulin 16 yo

… older sister to the 12 yo cask might..