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Life’s little pleasures

Article by Drake Farber

For many people Scotch whisky is a drink drunk best on its own. For them single malt whisky should not be mixed with anything else but drunk neat for a pure experience. Even mixing water or adding ice is faux pax in their eyes, believing it dilutes the experience. However, these purists are missing out on some of the best pleasures in life which are the mouth watering cocktails that are made using malt whisky.

Cocktails are the ideal drink for those looking for a little adventure. They incorporate a blend of different flavours mixing and matching and pairing so that the end result is something totally new and completely tasty. Cocktails are all about finding your own blend that suits your palate and taste buds. For some cocktails make it easier to try a range of different alcohols that would normally be tough for a person to drink neat, unless a veteran drinker. That is the magic of a cocktail.

For example how about the ever so yummy cocktail, that has whisky, coffee, sambuca and chocolate, a recipe straight from heaven! For a more fruity mix, try something that has lemon juice and orange juice and of course whisky. For some fizz try a cocktail which has lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda. Of course the wonderful thing is each person is free to try out different combinations using whisky, to create a cocktail that is unique to that person. To create your own wonder cocktails stock up on ‘cocktail accessories’ such as soda water, sweet and sour mixes, grenadine syrup, coconut milk, sugar syrup, margarita mixes, just to list a few. With these in hand it is up to the chemist in you to experiment! What could be more fun than gathering together a group of close friends and creating your own whisky cocktails and sampling them? By the end of the night though you may not remember the combinations!

No matter how you decide to enjoy your whisky, enjoy it you must. With its rich aroma and taste whisky is a drink that needs no explanation and should simply be experienced. Your whisky experience is your own, whether you decide to drink it neat, with ice or water or as part of a cocktail, it is completely your decision. Life is too short to worry about what others would do, so enjoy your whisky your own way.

The Little Black Book of Cocktails: The Essential Guide to New & Old Classics

Article by Louella Crolley

Brief Overview Of The Book

“The Little Black Book of Cocktails: The Essential Guide to New & Old Classics” is a 160 page book authored by Virginia Reynolds and Kerren Barbas where you will discover just about everything you need to know about mixing cocktails.

You will find out in this book about the glassware, tools and techniques required for mixing cocktails. Not only that, the authors have also included in this “The Little Black Book of Cocktails: The Essential Guide to New & Old Classics” book more than 150 recipes for cocktails and includes a very useful glossary and index.

Customers’ Feedback About This “The Little Black Book of Cocktails: The Essential Guide to New & Old Classics” Book

This “The Little Black Book of Cocktails: The Essential Guide to New & Old Classics” is very well-received by the readers – It has been given a full 5 out of 5 star rating by the readers who have bought this title on Amazon.

Many of them found this book to be very useful, in that they find the entire book to be very well organized, small, and also very easy to reference – They especially like the fact that the drink recipes are broken down into the various categories: Cocktails Classique, The Martini, Urban Chic, Punch Up That Party, From The Tropics, Naughty Drinks, and Finishing Touches. Also, many of them who have followed the recipes in the book found the drinks to be very good.

Another plus point that was being pointed out by some of the readers about this book is that, they felt that the book did a great job of making the art of mixing cocktails seem very grown up and swanky.

Our Final Verdict

On the whole, we find “The Little Black Book of Cocktails: The Essential Guide to New & Old Classics” book on cocktails to be a very good gift that you can buy for your dad this Father’s day, especially if he is one of those who love cocktails.

With this book, your dad will be able to learn the art of mixing cocktails and can try mixing his favorite cocktails at home. Hence, your dad will certainly be thrilled with this book.

Furthermore, the book is able to lie flat which is excellent as your dad can easily refer to it and follow the steps when mixing a cocktail. Your dad will now be able to enjoy great cocktails at the comfort of his home.

Not just that, your dad will even be able serve different cocktails during gatherings or parties at home. Since there are so many recipes in the book, your dad can have a fun time discovering and trying out new cocktails.

Therefore, surprise your dad this Father’s Day by giving him the “Little Black Book of Cocktails”.