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Ludovic Ducrocq – How to Taste Whisky

The art of distilling whisky has been nearly for hundreds of years, and so has the art of tasting it. So what do you need to know to fully be thankful for all the flavours that a excellent whisky has to offer? Ludovic Ducrocq is the comprehensive ambassador for Grant’s Whisky and he’s blessed with the century-ancient skills vital to be with you the complexities of malt whisky manufacture. In this video he passes on in rank about choosing the assess nosing glass, how to be thankful for uncommon flavours, how to tell the alteration between a young and ancient whisky and how much water you must add to a whisky and what alteration this make to the taste. If you want to pick the brains of Ludovic and fellow whisky enthusiasts then you can join him at the Grant’s After Hours Whisky Club at grantswhisky/afterhours