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How to make a Rum based cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “MIDORI Melon Mojito “

midori-world Perfect cocktail for bar (ingredients) MIDORI、 Matusalem PLATINO Rum、12 mint leaves 、sugar syrup, midium alcoholic content Flesht flavor with Rocks glass Imagine yourself back in the Age Of Discovery, when swashbuckling pirates ruled the seven seas. There you meet a British privateer named Francis Drake, who toasts you with a refreshing elixir he has concocted from rum and mint leaves. He calls it a mojito… The story with Francis Drake is one tale explaining the birth of the now world famous mojito. At El Bulli in Catalonia, Spain, mojitos are made by mixing mojito mix with soda in a frothing machine as customers watch. The result is a cocktail with a beautiful soft head of foam, a style somewhat different to the classic cocktails to which we are used. The MIDORI Melon Mojito is a slightly exotic variation on the original. And you dont have to be in the Caribbean to enjoy it it tastes just as great on the terrace of any suburban home..
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How to make a cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “MIDORI Sour “

midori-world A recommendatory cocktail with MIDORI (ingredients) MIDORI、sweet and sour mix Light alcoholic content Flesh flavor with Goblet glass The MIDORI Sour is just like any mixed drink that adds sweet and sour flavors to a spirits base. In some countries, people like to add a little soda to the MIDORI Sour. In America, however, similar cocktails tend not to contain carbonated soda, which means the sweet and sour mix’s flavors really come through. In the MIDORI Sour, the sweet and sour mix transforms MIDORI’s sweetness into a soft, mellow aroma, making it as refreshing as any soft drink.
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How to make a cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “MIDORI Spumoni “

midori-world A recommendatory cocktail with MIDORI (ingredients) MIDORI、grapefruit juice 、club soda Light alcoholic content Fresh flavor with Collins glass The spumoni is a cocktail originating in Italy, made from the Italian bitter liqueur Campari. Just like a Campari Soda or Campari with orange juice, a spumoni can be served before dinner as an apéritif, or to be enjoyed with a meal. The cocktails name stems from the Italian word spumare, meaning to effervesce or foam up. The MIDORI Spumoni is a little sweet to treat as an apéritif or to complement a meal in the same way as a traditional spumoni, but it is excellent in its own right as a drink to enjoy any time of day. Spumoni recipes vary slightly from country to country, but the basic ingredients remain the same.
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How to make a rum based cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “Peach fizz “

midori-world Mnuel Terron’s Original cocktail with MIDORI (ingredients)Matusalem Clasico、MIDORI、Top with Ruby Red Grapefruit juice Medium alcoholic content Fruity flavor, with Collins glass There is one thing that I was very interested in portraying with this particular drink, and that was to show the diversity of MIDORI. Although a melon liqueur, I was very keen in seeing what could be created by incorporating ingredients that would transform the base flavour. So I turned to mixing with aged rum that would bring the richer characteristics of caramel and toffee to the mix, then another ingredient that would contribute a certain freshness and vibrancy. So after some trials I fell upon Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, which although a citrus, does have some faint sweeter tones that balance with the sour and bitterness that are an intrinsic factor of this particular juice. When put together and served in a tall glass I found that, indeed a new flavour had been created with these ingredients, something that had no correlation to its parts but the some of all parts. And that flavour was fresh peach, so this is why I decided to call this drink the Peach Fuzz.

How to make a Vodka based cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “MIDORI Illusion”

midori-world Perfect cocktail for bar (ingredients) MIDORI、triple sec、vodka、lemon juice、pineapple juice High alcoholic content sweet flavor with shot glass This cocktail is a product of the shooters fad that began in the 1990s. As its name suggests, the MIDORI Illusion Shaker lures he who drinks it into a world shrouded in illusion and mystery. The recipe here calls for a double shot of MIDORI, but this amount makes enough to fill several large shot glasses, so after showing off your skills with the Boston shaker be sure to share the end result around. The vodka, on top of the already plentiful MIDORI, gives this cocktail an extra kick, but the pineapple juice MIDORIs perfect partner makes for a mellow taste with pleasantly sour undertones.

How to make a cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “MIDORI Lemonade”

midori-world A recommendatory cocktail with MIDORI (ingredients) MIDORI,American style lemonade (lemon squash) Light alcoholic content Semi-sweet flavor with Collins glass The key lesson to remember when making a liqueur cocktail: simple is best. The ideal type of drink is one that lets us directly experience the liqueurs true flavor. Up until the late 20th century, liqueurs were considered as additives to be mixed with other ingredients, but the liqueur + fruit juice trend changed this way of thinking and liqueurs came to be seen as main players themselves. Mixing MIDORI with lemonade maximizes MIDORIs delicious flavor. Lemonade differs from country to country and includes carbonated and non-carbonated varieties. The MIDORI taste can be enjoyed best if mixed with a carbonated type.
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How to make a cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “QF shooter “

midori-world Perfect cocktail for bar (ingredients) MIDORI,Irish Cream Liqueur Medium alcoholic content Sweet flavor, with Shot glass This shooter cocktail gets its name from Quick Firing, meaning to aim straight for ones target be that an actual target in the field, or that cute stranger across the bar! Floating Irish cream liqueur on top of the MIDORI allows its aromatic melon flavor to smoothly spread across the palate. Shooter cocktails are generally considered as drinks to appreciate with the eyes before enjoying the aromas and flavors, but recently they are also being served shaken, creating a fusion of flavors. For the QF Shooter, however, the ingredients can be best enjoyed if served and consumed layered.

How to make a Vodka based cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “The Universe”

Perfect cocktail for casual party (ingredients) MIDORI、vodka、pistachio flavored liqueur、pineapple juice、lime juice Gin based cocktail Medium alcoholic content Fresh flavor, with Whiskey sour glass This exquisite cocktail took home the grand prize at the US Bartenders Guild Annual Competition in 1978. Its major sales point is the superb balance achieved between five different ingredients, that manages to maintain each ones unique characteristics. Everyone knows MIDORI goes well with pineapple juice, but the addition of pistachio liqueur in the same quantity as MIDORI works as a perfect complementary accent. The drink is well-balanced enough without the vodka, but adding vodka gives it that extra kick and makes it an even more rounded cocktail.
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Midori Sour Cocktail Drink Recipe

American Bartenders School shows you how to make this popular cocktail

How to make a cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “Japanese Slipper”

Perfect cocktail for bar (ingredients) MIDORI、white Curaçao、 lemon juice High alcoholic content Semi-dry flavor with champagne glass The Japanese Slipper weve all heard of the cocktail, but have we ever thought about where its name comes from? Japanese slippers may sound like a type of designer footwear, but the term originally referred to traditional, simple Japanese sandals, which in turn draw their origin from ancient Egyptian footwear. These Japanese slippers are said to have first made their way to the West after the Second World War, when American servicemen brought them home from occupied Japan, and they eventually evolved into the rubber flip-flops we now wear to the beach. However, what they have in common with the cocktail of the same name remains unknown to this day. Variations on this recipe include substituting the triple sec for vodka, making for a powerful cocktail.