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Cocktail Mixing Tips and Advice

Article by David Hobson

Pro barmen will make you think that mixing cocktails is an educated profession and that untrained people never being permitted behind the bar to do it. Applying the correct methods might be necessary for making cocktails, but education is definatly not needed. With these nine pieces of advice for mixing cocktails you will guarantee you acquire perfect results.

1 – Use only small glassesIf you use large glasses to mix cocktails the drink will be warm by the time you finish it and therefore ruined, particularly if you serve the drink with no ice in it.

2 – Cool down your glass in iceCool down your glass beforehand in the refrigerator or simply place them in an ice bucket to chill whilst you make the cocktail. Chilled glasses will maintain your completed cocktail as chilly as conceivable; assuring it keeps its taste.

3 – Stick to suggested formulasMake sure you use cocktail recipes from an advisable author. A superior cocktail book will supply you with some good cocktail recipes. For a novice with a little bar at home, cocktails with the most common ingredients is the best place to begin.

4 – Only the finest ingredientsAlways apply the finest ingredients you are able to. That implies: the finest spirits, mixers and fruit.

5 – Measure out ingredientsProfessional barmen might be capable of pouring cocktail ingredients right into the mixer. This is especially difficult to get right. By measuring the ingredients you will acquire much finer result.

6 – Hold Bottles by the Neck When PouringWhen pouring your ingredients into the mixing tin, hold the spirit bottle by the neck. You’ll find this gives you much greater control of the bottle, making it easier to quickly pour exactly the right measure.

7 – Use plenty of iceAdding plenty of ice to the mixer straightaway prior to shaking is a bad idea. This means the ice will melt and dilute the cocktail.

8 – Sample prior to servingAlways sample the completed cocktail to make sure its ok to serve. You are able to do this promptly and hygienically by applying a straw to syphon a bit of the drink.

9 – Dress with nicetyApply fresh fruits to dress your cocktails. No dressing is far more beneficial than too much! Keep it simple the results will be impressive. Do not forget that a few dressings likewise add flavour to a cocktail.

The Beginner’s Guide to Mixing Drinks

It might be that you have decided to broaden your taste in drinks and now, instead of drinking only the bottled brews, you want to try to mix your own drinks. On the whole, mixing your own drinks is simple if you have the knowledge and the right instruments to help you along. There are many mixed drink recipes available on the internet and in books that will allow you to be the hit of the party and provide all your guests with the essentials of a good alcoholic beverage.

The most important aspect of a mixed drink is to use the best alcohol and not the cheaper varieties. The name brands cost more for a reason. If you have a budget and are limited to what you can start with, choose the two or three mixed drinks that are your favorite and buy what you need to make them. As time goes on, you can pick up one or two extra bottles of something new to add to your collection. Once you are fully stocked, you will only need to replace the bottles as you use them.

The best way to learn how to mix drinks is to learn some of the more prominent terms associated with it. This will make recipes much easier for you to understand.

1. Blend – simply put, add the ingredients to a blender and go.

2. Cocktail Shaker – an essential tool in allowing drinks to be shaken properly without making a mess. It is usually made from a stainless steel and usually has a glass that fits in the top of the lid. Add the ice and the mixed drink ingredients to the shaker add the glass to the lid and shake. When complete, tip the shaker to fill the glass and serve.

3. Dash – A dash of something means to add a small amount of your ingredient. In real measure, it is about a fourth of a teaspoon.

4. Glassful – Again a very vague estimate but you can safely say that it means a full glass.

5. To Shake – This term means the ingredients of the drink is added to the shaker listed above and shake contents about five to six times to mix properly.

6. Stir – you can use a long handled spoon or an especially designed stirrer to get this effect. Some drinks will ask that you stir the ice in the drink and then remove the ice for the final results.

7. To Strain – To accomplish this mixed drink requirement, you will need a small strainer. The strainer will allow the liquid through but hold the ice back in an easy way.

Now you know some of the more basic terms that are essential parts of mixing drinks, you only need a good recipe to start creating your one and only masterpiece for yourself and your guests. Some of the better recipes are available for printing right from the internet. For those who can spend a little bit of money, recipe books will add a nice touch to the décor of the home bar and give you a readily accessible guide.

Mixing Drinks Can Be Made Into Business

Are you looking for a business idea? Do you want to start a business but don’t know what business to start? If you know how to mix Thanksgiving drinks or are willing to learn how, then you are ready to go into business. Mixing Thanksgiving drinks or any other drinks can be made into a practical business as two friends found out.

There was a story about two men who lost their jobs. They have been friends and their hobby is mixing drinks like Thanksgiving drinks. They had been thinking in the past about turning their hobby into a successful business, so when they both lost their jobs, they put the plan into motion. They said that turning their hobby of mixing drinks into a viable business is a risk they had been willing to take. Since both of them were recently unemployed when they started their business, they had enough time to get out, promote their product, and get it on the shelves.

You must have experienced concocting some Thanksgiving drinks on one occasion that your family and guests truly liked. These guys also experienced the same thing. They mixed some drinks and offered those drinks to their friends. When they got 100 percent positive feedbacks, they knew they had something in their hands. That gave them the idea to try turning their hobby into a business.

You, too, can make a business out of mixing drinks. You can start by making Thanksgiving drinks this Thanksgiving and see how your friends and family like them. Ask them what they like and what they do not like about the Thanksgiving drinks that you prepared. Also, ask them how they want your drinks to be different.

If you do not know how to mix Thanksgiving drinks yet, do not worry. There is still plenty of time to learn. Mixing Thanksgiving drinks is very easy. You can find plenty of resources around the Web that teach you how to mix drinks in general. Recipes also abound in the Web. There are many recipes for mixing all kinds of drinks, from Halloween drinks to Thanksgiving drinks.

A Guide to Mixing Drinks

Article by Jim Slate

This article will not be a repository of exotic drink recipes; those exist in abundance across the web. Instead it is a guide to understanding the form and mentality one must take when preparing mixed beverages for guests and patrons.

The first thing you should consider when preparing drinks is hygiene. You are concocting with your hands a beverage which will eventually go into a person’s body. As such, maintaining impeccable hygiene is of the highest importance. You don’t want to get dirt or other debris in their glass while preparing the brew.

Before you start you should at the very least wash your hands with warm water and soap. Then dry them down thoroughly. As you work, be aware of where your hands go. Always wash them after doing unsavory acts like taking out the trash, or cleaning up refuse. Also be aware that your hands may get stick from fruit juices and other sugary mixes.

You also have to be careful about other bodily fluids. If you’re sick, it’s important not to attend to mixing drinks, as you can easily spread germs to your friends or customers. If you have to sneeze, avert your head and cover your mouth. You should do the same with coughing. Afterwards make sure tow ash your hands thoroughly.

When preparing beverages speed is of the essence. Nobody wants to wait around all day while you figure out the right proportions to concoct the brew. Instead you should focus on learning and memorizing the most popular drinks. If someone orders a beverage you aren’t familiar with, it is acceptable to ask them what’s in it, or to look the drink up in a guide book. However at that point you should make an effort to memorize the drink so that next time you will be better prepared.

One of the keys to being a good bartender is multitasking. You should always be involved in several actions at the same time. You have two hands; it is completely possible for each one to be doing at least one, and often multiple separate tasks. This allows you to set up several drinks at once, while also keeping the bar area clean, and ensuring that everyone has coasters, napkins, and anything else they might need.

Finally, you should try and be personable throughout the entire experience. Drinks are social by nature, and should be enjoyed with a smile and a friendly word. Try and make everyone feel included, and just be generally friendly throughout the experience.