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How to make a Rum based cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “MIDORI Melon Mojito “

midori-world Perfect cocktail for bar (ingredients) MIDORI、 Matusalem PLATINO Rum、12 mint leaves 、sugar syrup, midium alcoholic content Flesht flavor with Rocks glass Imagine yourself back in the Age Of Discovery, when swashbuckling pirates ruled the seven seas. There you meet a British privateer named Francis Drake, who toasts you with a refreshing elixir he has concocted from rum and mint leaves. He calls it a mojito… The story with Francis Drake is one tale explaining the birth of the now world famous mojito. At El Bulli in Catalonia, Spain, mojitos are made by mixing mojito mix with soda in a frothing machine as customers watch. The result is a cocktail with a beautiful soft head of foam, a style somewhat different to the classic cocktails to which we are used. The MIDORI Melon Mojito is a slightly exotic variation on the original. And you dont have to be in the Caribbean to enjoy it it tastes just as great on the terrace of any suburban home..
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Bacardi Mojito – TipsyBartender

The Mojito is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Originally from Cuba, It’s fun and easy to make. Also, we discuss people who come to bars and claim to be “big tippers.” Mojito ============= 1/2 of a Lime Table Spoon of Sugar 12 Mint Leaves 11/2oz White Rum Fill with Soda Water
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El Mojito Fidel and Pina Colada secret recipe, Live Cuban recipe with Havana Club rum

Mojito (El Mojito Fidel) and Pina Colada Cocktails, Cuban recipe. Live demonstration. Best Cuban Havana Club rum and Cuban music.Cuba, Cayo Coco(c)CRP

Mojito Recipes

Mojito Recipes

We’re looking at readily made Mojito mix recipes for a standard Simple Mojito and the sweeter Mango Mojito using the 10 Cane Mojito Rum Kit and the Roses’s Mojito Mix. Light and refreshing highball drinks which will be liked by many.
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Bacardi Mojito (Original Recipe)

Cocktail Recipe
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Mojito Recipes : How to Make a Pineapple Mango Mojito

The fruity pineapple mango mojito is made by combining fresh muddled mint, rum, raw sugar, lime juice, pineapple juice and mango juice. Create a delicious Cuban cocktail with tips from an experienced bartender in this free video on mojito variations. Expert: Milawna Renay Hammer. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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Mojito Martini

Article by Anthony Tripp

This summer, the mojito seemed to be the most talked about cocktail making it’s rounds on the home cocktail party circuit. I recently tried a mojito for the first time and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I would have thought that all that mint would make the drink taste like toothpaste but it’s actually quite refreshing.

Putting mint leaves in a glass and crushing them sounds more like something that a gardener would do to kill weeds. But after you mix those crushed mint leaves with sugar, lime juice and rum you can tell the gardener to take a hike. This way there will be more mojito for you.

I enjoyed my first mojito so much that I decided to experiment with some of the variations too. It seems like the easiest way to add different flavors to a mojito is to use flavored rums. The rum industry has taken its cue from the vodka makers of the world and now offers all types of new and interesting flavors. Take Bacardi Rums for example. If you limited yourself to use only Bacardi (not a bad limit), you’d still have lots of varieties to choose from. There’s Limon, Razz, Bacardi O, Bacardi 8, Grand Melon, Big Apple and I’m sure they’re doing market research on a bunch of new flavors as you sit here and read this.

When you go out to a bar, they’re usually stocked with all these latest and greatest flavors but it might be impractical for a home mixologist to buy more than a few varieties. I’m sure using any of those would taste great but who wants to spend all that money on a home bar. If you’re having a big party, then sure that makes sense. But for regular home consumption it’s probably best to try just one at a time and make sure you like them. I chose Bacardi Limon. Everyone likes lemony flavored alcohol so it made sense.

And I also decided to go the martini route. It seems like martinis are made from just about anything now a days. So why not try a Mojito Martini?

Mix the following in a half filled shaker of crushed ice:

1.5 measures Bacardi Limon0.5 measure Absolute Citron1/2 of a Lime, sliced8 Mint Leaves

Shake well and pour into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with some fresh mint leaves. And don’t fish the used mint leaves out of the cocktail shaker for the garnish.

The mojito is so versatile that even the Mojito Martini has a few variations as well. A great way to add a touch of class is to add a splash of Grand Mariner. This is a called a Grand Mojito Martini and it truly does taste grand.

The mojito is a great summertime drink that can add a little international zest to any of your cocktail parties. If you’re the type of host that goes that extra mile for his or her guests, then why not plant some mint in your herb garden in the spring. It’s an easy plant to grow and it’ll help you serve the freshest Mojitos, Mojito Martinis and Grand Mojitos Martinis and your guests will truly appreciate it.

New Bacardi Mojito Commercial

Hands down my favorite Bacardi commercial so far. ——————————————- Song – Daylight by Matt and Kim ——————————————- ^ I swear, this shit must be invisible, because I can’t honestly get why people keep asking, repeatedly, for the song name. I fear for society….
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Havana Club – The Cuban Mojito Recipe

The true Cuban mojito recipe as it is made today in Havana! Enter the Bodeguita del Medio, mythical bar in Havana and cradle of Mojito to learn how to make the real cuban mojito. Planning a party ? Discover also the 4 tips of Cuban bartender to easily make 10 mojitos or more…

Bacardi Mojito Ad

Cos the ad rocks and I want a mojito!
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