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Champagne Offering

Champagne is a touch to help celebrate any day above disturb a curfew from Christmas, New Years, Valentines or one day that you just feel like drinking a fantastic pot of carbonated! Perrier-Jouët is one of my pet Champagne brands and to me one of the best principles in the world of Tete de Cuvee Champagne is Perrier-Jouët’s 2002 vintage Fleur de Champagne aka the “Belle Époque”. Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoche “Flower Pot” Brut Champagne 2002 Fixed List 5 Sale .20 (72 bottles void) A GREAT vintage for Champagne the Fleur de Champagne is Perrier-Jouët’s lush cuvée. Each Champagne house attempts to make a proclamation with its lush cuvée – a wine bent in very top bolt from the blue quantities in only the best years and projected to exhibit the peak art form a firm is competent of attaining. In the past few years these lush cuvées have be converted into very high-priced -even if Perrier-Jouët has thankfully not kept pace with the dizzying price spirals of brands like Roederer’s “Cristal”. The Fleur de Champagne is also known as “Belle Époque”, for it was calculated by the fantastic Art Nouveau glassmaker of Nancy, Emile Gallé, to evoke the Belle Époque of the 1890’s – a cycle that stretched from 1871 to 1914 in which the world was at peace and there were tremendous advances in equipment, journalism, and the arts. The rosé versions of the lush cuvées have been a contemporary experience – Perrier-Jouët’s first Fleur de Champagne rosé was bent in 1976. There have been critics of the Fleur de
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