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25 Completely Becoming Wine Names for Cats

  • Pinot “Pee-no”

    Sphynx: Hairless, skinny, curious, and meant to be revered.
    Pinot (Noir): Dignified, fussy, scrumptious, and meant to be revered.

  • Champagne “sham-pain”

    Bengal: Like a child leopard. Uncommon. Costly. Uncommon.
    Champagne: Like your child; the very best, even when you can’t afford it.

  • Malo “Mal-oh”

    Orange Tabby Cat: He’s fats and lazy, however loveable, like a lasagne-eating cartoon cat.
    Malo(lactic Fermentation): The method that makes the buttery, spherical, oaky Chardonnay that’s all the time there for you.

  • Lees “leez”

    Lengthy-Haired Cat: It might be a small cat, however you possibly can’t inform due to all that hair.
    Lees: Lees is a well-liked winemaking methodology that makes white wines richer and creamier.

  • Peluda “pey-loo-dah”

    Persian Cat: Dignified and decorative, with a comfortable musical voice and All. That. Hair.
    Peluda (Garnacha): AKA “Furry Grenache,” from the French pelut, which means “furry.” Actually.

  • Brix “Brix”

    Munchkin Cat: Small, candy, people-pleasers, with bigger than life personalities and stubby legs.
    Brix: Sugar metering system, good for a candy, energetic little dude.

  • Merlot “mur-low”

    Scottish Fold Cat: Fuzzy, poofy and spherical, with owl-like faces.
    Merlot: Within the new world, a lush heat hug of a wine, to your heat hug of a cat.

  • Magnum “mag-num”

    Ragamuffin Cat: At all times pleasant, and they generally tend to overeat.
    Magnum Bottle: What’s higher than one bottle of wine? Why, an excellent greater bottle, after all.

  • Amphora “am-forah”

    Siamese Cat: A regal sort of cat that does what it likes and desires to be worshipped for it.
    Amphora: An historic and distinctive sort of vessel that pure winemakers worship.

  • Vinho “Veen-yoh”

    Manx Cat: No tailed charmers that hop like rabbits.
    Vinho (Verde): Spritzy and vivid, with aromas that bounce out of the glass.

  • Solera “So-lair-uh”

    British Shorthair Cat: The round-faced inspiration of the Cheshire cat.
    Solera: The growing older methodology for Sherry wines that makes them acquire roundness (and places a smile in your face).

  • Refosco “Reh-foh-skoh”

    Lykoi Cat: The werewolf cat…partially hairless, completely bizarre.
    Refosco: The wines are robust flavored, tannic, and often present a slight bitterness. Perf.

  • Gris “Gree”

    Calico: Your multi-colored good friend.
    (Pinot) Gris: A grape that’s probably not pink and probably not white. It makes wines that vary from white to deep orangey-pink.

  • Somm “Sohm”

    Tuxedo Cat: Essentially the most dapper little kitty you ever did see.
    Somm(elier): “Sohm-mul-yay” In any case, he’s already acquired the outfit.

  • Nero “Nair-oh”

    Black Cats: One that you simply’re clearly cool with crossing your path.
    Nero (d’Avola): Nero means “black” in Italian, so this Sicilian wine is nice selection!

  • Pedro “Pay-droh”

    Needy Cats: You’ll be able to’t go away the home with out him weaving between your legs asking what you’re abandoning him for now.
    Pedro (Ximenez): A cloyingly candy wine to your cloyingly candy cat.

  • Eiswein “ice-svine”

    Sensible Cats: Like Einstein, however not. Your lil’ buddy higher be a smarty.
    Ice Wine: One of many sweetest wines on the planet. Made fully of grapes naturally frozen to the vine.

  • The Famous Grouse – Perfectly Composed

    My favourite Grouse ad. We see the little bird weathering the storm to come out on the other side, unscathed, shaking himself down to show there were no real dramas.