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Party Punch Recipe: Sparkling Rosé

PopSugar LivingTV: living.popsugar.tv Twitter: twitter If you need cocktail ideas for holiday parties, birthday parties, or other fun gatherings, here’s a delicious drink that is good for large groups: sparkling rosé punch! Besides a sparkling wine, you’ll need St. Germain elderflower liqueur, club soda, lemon juice, sugar, and egg whites. Watch our video to see how to make a punch that is a total crowd-pleaser. Plus, find out the secret ingredient YumSugar likes to add as a garnish to this party drink recipe. Hint: it’s "berry" yummy!
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Ginger Punch cocktail recipe – Waitrose

bit.ly – More summer cocktails from Waitrose, today’s is the Ginger Punch. This video shows you how to make one, thanks to mixologist, Andy Pearson. Ingredients: 2 shots Spiced Rum 2 slices fresh root ginger (thumbnail-sized) 2 spoons clear honey ¾ shot freshly squeezed lime juice ¼ shot sugar syrup Ginger ale Lime wedge, for garnishing Method: Muddle the ginger in the base of a shaker. Add the honey and rum, and stir until the honey has dissolved. Pour in the lime juice and sugar syrup, shake with ice and strain into an ice-filled highball glass. Top with ginger ale and garnish.
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Making Party Punch Recipes for Theme Parties

Theme-related party punch recipes can so much fun.  It’s exciting to have family or friends over for a nice party. No doubt, you want everything to be perfect.

This means you’ll want to really spend some time on the food preparations so everyone enjoys tasty foods and drinks at the party. Of course, as you are planning everything else at your party, it’s easy to forget about the punch. Mixing up a nice party punch is a way that you can add something special to the party. After all, that punch will add a bit of flair to your party and if you can come up with a punch that carries on the theme of the party, it is particularly special.

As you are trying to decide on the punch you want to serve, take some time to think about the theme of the party, the type of party, and of course, your guests. If you’re throwing a party with a tropical theme or even a luau theme, going with a punch that includes tropical fruits or even coconut is a wonderful idea. If your party is occurring in the winter or fall, going with a punch that is spiced is a great option. You may even want a warm punch to serve when it’s cold outside. If you’re throwing a baby shower, a blue or pink punch can be a lovely touch, depending on the gender of the baby.

Are you throwing a party for the 4th of July? If so, red, white, and blue are probably the main colors you are using. You can use strawberries, blueberries, and some whipping cream to get the theme colors in the punch. A margarita style punch or even a nice sangria can go nicely for a party with a Mexican theme. No matter your theme, finding a nice punch recipe should not be a problem.

Of course, you’ll want to consider some of the popular ingredients if you’re trying to come up with a punch recipe of your own. First, decide if you are going to have alcohol in your punch or not. Most people do serve punches that have no alcohol. You should definitely avoid the alcohol if you have kids at the party. If you have an all adult party, you should still label your punch if you do choose to put alcohol in it. This way they know what they are drinking.

When it comes to punch base ingredients, often cherry juice, fruit punch, and even cranberry juice are used for punches that have a red base. If you want something more tropical in nature, orange juice or pineapple juice can be a nice base. Lemonade can make a good base and you can add a variety of flavors for a nice kick as well. Often selzer water, ginger ale, and lemon lime sodas are added to the punch to offer a bit of carbonation to it.

To really kick off your theme and make a punch special for your party, you may want to add a nice garnish. Adding some scoops of s sorbet in a fruit flavor can make your punch look pretty and taste amazing. Another fun garnish is ice cubes in fun shapes. You can purchase ice molds in a variety of themes to add to your themed punch. Fruits are also a popular choice for punch garnishes.

Traditional Drink Recipes for Jamaican Rum Punch

Jamaica has a unique island cuisine made colorful by the many tropical fruits that thrive here.

Visitors to Jamaica will find the simple country cooking of the island to be delicious, hearty and satisfying.

It’s food has a reputation for satisfying the soul, whilst their drinks are no disappointment!

These drinks found anywhere in Jamaica and are a cooling treat to complement any meal and the island’s year round summer temperatures.

Appleton Bird Cocktail

This creamy recipe comes from the Appleton Estate:-


1 1/2 oz. Appleton Special Jamaica Rum
1/4 oz. Tia Maria
1/2 oz. creme de banana
4 oz. orange juice


Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake well.
Pour into a tall glass over ice.
Garnish with a cherry or orange wedge.

An island adage, “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak!”

Traditional Recipe for Rum Punch


4 Cups water
1 Cup lime or lemon juice
3 cups strawberry-flavored syrup
2 cups Jamaican white rum


Stir all ingredients together in a punch bowl.
Add slices of lemon or lime.
Serve with ice cubes.

For a traditional Jamaican dessert, try this recipe for

Papaya Cream

Papayas are fragrant and add vitamins to this creamy and delicious dessert that is quick and easy to make.


2 fresh Papayas (papaws)
Rum raisin ice cream
warm caramel
3 tbsp. grated nutmeg


Peel papayas and blend with ice cream and nutmeg.
Pour into dessert dishes and top with warm caramel.

Enjoy this tasty dessert and these traditional Jamaican drinks whilst relaxing and enjoying time with friends.

For further ideas for Jamaican cooking and Christmas Recipes , visit Worldwide Recipes.

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drink Recipes : Spiced Punch Recipe

Make popular holiday drinks for yourself, family, and friends! Learn how to make this non-alcoholic Spiced Punch Drink recipe with expert tips in this free video. Expert: Kelly Blanco Bio: Kelly Blanco grew up helping her parents in the kitchen of the restaurant they owned. Filmmaker: Wesley Summers
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Alcoholic Punch Recipes

A lot of people like to have different drinks when they have parties. Many people like to have alcoholic drinks with some extra flavor added to them. There are some great alcoholic punch recipes that can be used at parties or gatherings. These drinks can liven up your parties. The drinks aren’t hard to make and your guests will really enjoy them.

A popular drink to make at parties is a daiquiri. You can make this drink with any fruit of your choice. If you decide that you that you want to make a strawberry daiquiri, you will need fresh or frozen strawberries, frozen limeade, light rum, lemon lime, and ice cubes. You can put the ingredients in a blender and mix everything up until it is done. You have to let it get cold just before your guests arrive so they can have a cool drink when they get to your house. What is great about this drink is that it doesn’t have a lot of calories and it has a lot of Vitamin C.

You can make a rum punch for your party. To make this drink you will need unsweetened pineapple juice, orange juice, frozen lemonade (concentrated), mandarin oranges, maraschino cherries, ginger ale, light rum, and ice cubes. This drink should be made in a bowl. Mix everything together (with the exception of the ginger ale and the rum) in the bowl. Pour the ginger ale and the rum in the bowl. Then put the ice in last to cool off the drink. What is great about this drink is that you can make a version of it for kids. You include all of the ingredients with the exception of the rum.

If you want to have a drink that has a lot of fruit in it you can make a white sangria punch. You will need honeydew melon, pineapple, peaches, lemon, lime, dry white wine, sugar, lime juice, seltzer water, fresh mint leaves, and fresh pineapple spears. Stir everything in a bowl and let it chill. This drink has a lot of fruit in it, but it does have to chill for a long time.

Another drink you can serve at your party is a champagne punch. You will need pineapples, dry white wine, champagne, lemon juice, sugar, strawberries, and kiwi. You stir the ingredients in a punch bowl. You can make a nonalcoholic version of this drink by substituting the alcohol with fruit juice. It will still be a good drink.

If you like spicy drinks you should serve hot spiced punch. You will need apple cider or apple juice, raspberry juice, raspberries, brandy, brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, white cloves, whole allspice, and candy apples. You can also substitute the brandy for white wine or rum. This drink is not like the others. You have to heat this one up before you drink it.

There are many different alcoholic punch recipes that you can try at your parties. You can search for all the drinks as well as detailed directions online.

Video Bartending Guide : Punch Recipe – Non-Alcoholic Drinks

How to Make a Punch – Recipe and Ingredients Expert: Cool River Cafe Contact: coolrivercafe Bio: Located in Austin, Texas, the “Live Music Capital of the World” and home to world-famous Sixth Street, Cool River Cafe has been one of the city’s premiere dining destinations.
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Punch Drink – A Favorite Drink Around The World!

As with many foods, the history of a punch drink is varied. One source states that its derivation is Persian meaning five, because 5 ingredients were initially combined to form this concoction. Another source states that its origin is British dating back to the seventeenth century. Punch referred to a cask that held 72 gallons of which a punch bowl could made.

Punch is typically served at parties in large, wide bowls known as punch bowls especially around the holidays.

There are many types of punches both alcoholic and nonalcoholic originating from various parts of the world.

Hawaiian Punch was created in 1934 as an ice cream topping. The main ingredients were original shipped from Hawaii.
In the early 1950s, it was discovered that a sweet drink could be made by mixing the topping with water. This is the basis for the drink we know today.

Rum punches are very popular in the Caribbean islands. Bajan Rum Punch is one of the oldest punches presumably created in the rum distilleries in Barbados. Travelers on cruises to the islands experience the “Rum Punch of the Day.”

Agua Loca is a very sweet potent drink you can experience in Mexico. Beware, the name literally means crazy water.

Sujeonggwa is a Korean traditional fruit punch and is made with persimmons, ginger and cinnamon.

Feuerzangenbowle is a German drink made with heated dry wine, cloves, cinnamon sticks and orange peel.

Kool-Aid, the basis for many punches, started as a fruit flavored liquid concentrate. In 1927, the powder form was created. Kool-aid as we know it now was distributed by General Foods as early as 1953.

This Louisiana Rum Tea Punch Recipe is a great addition to any party. The rum is optional!

Louisiana Rum Tea Punch Recipe

1 – 12 ounce can Canada Dry Ginger Ale 1 – 6 ounce can pineapple juice 2 1/2 cups Lipton Ice Tea Mix with Lemon (sweetened), do not add water Coconut Rum to Taste


Mix all ingredients (except rum) in a gallon container. Fill 3/4 full with water.
Add rum. Add ice.

Makes a gallon of delicious rum punch. Omit the rum. This Punch Drink is still great no matter where you live!