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Villa Lorane Cabernet d’Anjou Rosé Assessment

Wine Assessment of 2017 Groupement des Producteurs du Saumurois (Alliance Loire) Villa Lorane Cabernet d’Anjou, France

Rating : 84/100 pts

Villa Lorane is a rosé wine from the Saumurois cooperative vineyard within the Loire area of France, comprised of 100% Cabernet Franc grapes.

Overal Tasting Impressions

A rosé wine tha is available in a vibrant and glossy pink coloration, with hints of orange hues, so barely salmon pink in look.

The nostril is fruity and solely fruity, pomegranate and delicate strawberry with a touch of lime aromas.

A satisfying and straightforward to sip rosé wine, in an off-dry type, so just a little candy as is typical for the Cabernet d’Anjou type.

Strong acidity and a lightweight physique, with a superb total steadiness make for a Loire wine that’s thirst-quenching given you don’t thoughts a touch of residual sugars in your rosé.

Flavors are clear and gratifying, acidic pink berries, lemon and lime, for an total fruity, easy but harmonious drink.

Get pleasure from 🙂

Julien Miquel

Villa Lorane Cabernet d’Anjou Label Pictures

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