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The Best Mixed Drink Recipes & Body Shots : Making A “Ruby Red Slipper” Drink

How to make a “Ruby Red Slipper” drink; get expert tips on making your favorite shots, cocktails, and mixed alcoholic drinks in this free bartending video. Expert: Adam Nieman Bio: Adam Nieman has been working at the ‘All American Bird Bar and Grill’ for about a year, but he has been a bartender for over 5 years. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers
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How to make a cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “Japanese Slipper”

Perfect cocktail for bar (ingredients) MIDORI、white Curaçao、 lemon juice High alcoholic content Semi-dry flavor with champagne glass The Japanese Slipper weve all heard of the cocktail, but have we ever thought about where its name comes from? Japanese slippers may sound like a type of designer footwear, but the term originally referred to traditional, simple Japanese sandals, which in turn draw their origin from ancient Egyptian footwear. These Japanese slippers are said to have first made their way to the West after the Second World War, when American servicemen brought them home from occupied Japan, and they eventually evolved into the rubber flip-flops we now wear to the beach. However, what they have in common with the cocktail of the same name remains unknown to this day. Variations on this recipe include substituting the triple sec for vodka, making for a powerful cocktail.