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Good Aerator Aveine: A Crowdfunding Success!

To disclose a wine’s true essence, aeration is a necessary step, and one we regularly skip.

That’s the reason we created the primary Good Wine Aerator: to offer everybody the chance to get pleasure from wine at its finest by figuring out the precise degree of aeration for any wine – and immediately mixing within the exact degree of oxygen for that wine.

On March 28, we launched a crowdfunding marketing campaign on Indiegogo to finance the manufacturing of the primary batch of Aveine Good Wine Aerators. The preliminary objective was $ 30,000. Only a few hours after the marketing campaign began, we reached 100% of our objective. And in lower than 2 days, we reached 200%.

How did we react? “WOW”. And it appeared prefer it was only the start…

At this time, we have now raised simply over $ 80,000 because of greater than 520 backers, from 44 totally different nations! What have we realized from this?

Wine lovers are open to new applied sciences on the subject of enhancing the wine tasting expertise. The current profitable campaigns of Wine Tech firms we see on Indiegogo, similar to Caveasy and its related wine rack show this. Individuals wish to drink higher, to serve higher, they usually need extra environment friendly options to protect their wine.

At Aveine, we take into account the success of our Indiegogo marketing campaign as a proof of idea.

Individuals are likely to pay extra consideration to the way in which they drink, they usually perceive the necessity for correct aeration. They know that wine is certainly one of our oldest and most lovely traditions, they usually wish to present it respect by selecting, preserving and ingesting in the absolute best circumstances.

And now, expertise is a welcome  addition if the result’s to get pleasure from wine at its finest.

Now that we have now reached our preliminary objective, our subsequent goal is to lift $ 120,000.

The funds would give us the mandatory means to work on extra functionalities to the Good Wine Aerator, similar to temperature data.

Two weeks left, and there are nonetheless some aerators obtainable at a preferential worth:

To all of our present and future backers: Thanks to your assist and belief!

This visitor put up was written by Aveine completely for Social Vignerons.

Aveine: A Sensible Wine Aerator Coming Quickly

A linked wine aerator.

To disclose a wine’s true essence, aeration is an important step we frequently skip. However due to the Aveine Sensible Wine Aerator, you’ll not want to attend in your wine to be aerated completely!

Our aerator is housing a expertise which recreates the aeration immediately. The App defines the proper tasting parameters due to synthetic intelligence (AI).

How does it work ?

It’s very easy! In response to the wine recognized by the app, Aveine instills the correct amount of air for that wine permitting it to breathe.

Merely place the aerator on the bottle, scan the label and serve! Any kind of wine can be utilized with and profit from the system: It’s transportable and easy. And it’s additionally enjoyable!

Due to our touchscreen, you’ll be able to exactly select the quantity of air you need, in accordance with your style!

Aveine Model & Values

Aveine isn’t just a model, greater than an idea, it’s a mind-set, primarily based on values reminiscent of pleasure or sharing.

Our foremost aim is to simplifies entry to wine tasting with a set of units and linked providers. We need to give everybody the chance to take pleasure in wine at its finest.

And that’s why we created Aveine. It’s the symbiosis between French wine heritage, and new applied sciences, to be able to take pleasure in a brand new wine expertise.

Aveine Pre-orders Coming Quickly

After a yr and a half of growth in collaboration with Sommelier, Julien Dussert, 6 prototypes and lots of awards later, we’ll launch our crowdfunding marketing campaign to finance the manufacturing of the primary batch of aerators.

With a financing aim of $ 30,000, the Aveine Sensible Wine Aerator can be out there for pre-order starting March 28, 2018 on Indiegogo

First backers can pre-order from $ 99 (80€) after which the general public sale worth can be $ 200 (165€).

This Visitor Publish was Written by Aveine Wine Aerator completely for Social Vignerons.

Smart Alcohol Choices for Diet

If you’re on a fat loss diet program, alcohol is something that you should be strictly limiting.  Not only is alcohol very calorie dense coming in at seven calories per gram, but it’s also going to put an immediate halt to all fat loss progress going on when you consume it.

Not to mention the fact that when you indulge in a few drinks your will power to stick with your diet will also go down, therefore it could cause you to start eating foods that you shouldn’t.

That said, not everyone can cut out drinking from time to time as it is something that’s heavily linked to normal socialization, so if you feel like drinking isn’t something that you can give the boot to, at the very least it’s helpful to know which drink choices you should be choosing.

Let’s have a look at the top considerations.

The Good

Straight Liquor With Seltzer Water

The very first choice that you should consider is one ounce of your favourite liquor with simple seltzer water or plain water.  This will contain only around 70 calories per drink, so is a much lighter option.

If you can alternate this with one glass of plain water, all the better.

White Wine

If wine is your thing, the good news is that this is also a relatively lower calorie choice as well.  Most wines range from 90-150 calories per glass depending on the variety, so if you keep your total number of glasses down, it doesn’t have to destroy your diet plan.

Like the above, it’s always a good idea to alternate one alcohol drink with one non.

Light Beer

Light beer is another choice that you may want to consider.  If you’re a big fan of beer but don’t like what it does to your weight, light beer is almost half the calories so will be much less devastating to your diet plan.

Light beer is also lower in total carbohydrates, so that’s definitely a plus as well.

The Bad

Creamy Liquors

Now we move on to the less than optimal choices.  Creamy liquors are one drink to beware of as they contain alcohol, fat, and sugar in one, so will really be a doozy as far as sticking with your diet is concerned.

Often these are mixed with milk as well, so while the milk is healthy, it will add extra calories.  Most creamy liquors will come in around 120 calories per ounce, so it will add up quickly.

Frozen Beverages

Frozen slushy beverages are also something to be very careful about.

These can easily contain upwards of 400 calories once everything is added in and will do a real number on your waistline.

They contain far too much sugar as well, which will be very bad if you’re trying to prevent a hangover.  The combination of so much sugar plus alcohol entering the body is a sure-fire recipe for body fat gain.  The sugar will spike the insulin levels and since there is no carbohydrate oxidation taking place (as the body will be 100% focused on burning off the alcohol calories), this means that sugar will move right into body fat stores.


Finally, the last beverages to avoid are any fancy cocktail like drinks.  These also contain higher amounts of sugar and will often contain more than one different type of alcohol as well.

Most come in at around 300 calories or more, so will put a big dent in your diet if you have two or three that evening.

So be sure that you keep these points in mind if you do plan to drink on your diet.  Alcohol does tend to hinder your progress so you really must make a choice as to what is most important to you – weight loss success or indulging in your favourite drinks. 

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