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Homemade Wine Recipes – Understanding the Different Types of Wine

Article by Rachell Ann Simbulan

If you’re one of those who have considered toying with homemade wine recipes, you’d like to begin by understanding the following different types of wine:

White Wine

White wine is not exactly white, but it is called white because it is clear or transparent. It is actually one of the most beloved types of this beverage which, like any other, is made of fermented grape juice as its main ingredient. White is not only loved for its taste, but also for its many health benefits, including reducing risks of heart disease and cancer.

Red Wine

Homemade recipes for this particular type also have grape juice as the main ingredient, except that unlike white wine, the fruit’s skin is not removed, thus, giving the drink a red color. Like white, red wine also offers a number of health benefits, including fighting the harmful effects of smoking, heart disease protection, and prevention of hypertension.Rose Wine

Any combination of common homemade recipes can actually produce rose wine, which gets its name from its pink tinge. This wine is also made through fermentation, but through the middle of the process, the skin of the grapes are removed. Sometimes, white wine may be combined with red wine to produce the pink color. Table wine

Table wine is what it sounds like – wine served with meals on the table. In the US, table wine can refer to white, red or rose wine, but in Europe, it is a classification below a higher classification known as Quality Wines Produced in Specific Regions or QWpsr. In other European countries, the term can also be expressed in terms of the national language. For example, in France, table kind is called vin de table. Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine can be made from any known homemade wine recipes, but with carbon dioxide to create a fizz. This is achieved through natural fermentation which is done twice- first, by allowing the carbon dioxide to be released into an open container and second, by sealing the gas in a container so it remains within the wine. Sparkling is often basically white or blush wine.

Dessert wine

Generally, dessert wine is simply wine that tastes sweeter than any other varieties. In different parts of the world though, there can be different definitions. In the US, dessert wine is that with over 14% alcohol content, while in the UK, it is any sweet wine consumed during a meal, as opposed to others drunk before or after eating. Fortified wine

Fortified wine is that has a higher alcohol content than any other wine. It is still made through fermentation, but with spirits such as rum. Fortified wine cannot be equated with spirits, however, by virtue of the process by which it is produced. Spirits are made through distillation, while fortified wine is simply wine with the addition of spirits.

Aside from personal consumption, you could easily turn your experiments on homemade wine recipes into a future business. Go give them a shot!

Different types of cocktail equipment

Bartenders use various pieces of cocktail equipment when making a whole range of different cocktails.  Whether using the classic shaking method or stirring in a large mixing glass with a bar spoon, there are different approaches to different cocktails.  The most common types of cocktail equipment include the cocktail shaker, bar spoon, hawthorn strainer, fine strainer, muddler, measure and citrus press.


Electric blenders are commonly used for iced cocktails like a Pina Colada.  A blender is a great way for crushing ice and that is what makes these types of cocktails taste so good, especially on a hot day.  This method is quick and pouring straight from the blender into what is typically a Hurricane glass is a great way to make cocktails.


The most common way to prepare cocktails is shaking which is the easiest method. A shaker is an important piece of cocktail equipment. These shakers come in various styles and size, depending on where you are using it.  Spirits, mixers and fruit/herbs are the most common ingredients to be shaken in a cocktail shaker. Always remember when shaking you cocktail to have in the back of you mind ‘I am shaking this cocktail to wake it up!’  Along with the shaker, muddlers and strainers are required along with ice of course.


Mixing straight in the cocktail glass is another way of preparing the best cocktails.  The Mojito is a great example of this.  You need to muddle the mint and limes, churn the cocktail on numerous occasions and of course its best served with crushed ice.


As mentioned before, muddling is essential if you are going to make some of the classic cocktails.  Muddlers come in all shapes and sizes and muddling spoons can even be used.  Strawberry Daiquiris are an great drink to muddle strawberries in the base of the shaker.


When the cocktail is ready, good garnishing acts as the icing on the cake and makes the cocktails tempting for guests. So it is important to garnish the cocktails and for which garnish accessories are imperative. Garnish accessories include knives, peelers, and graters. Stainless steel and high quality cocktail garnish accessories can help in garnishing the drinks in the best possible way.


Ice scoops, crushers, and tongs are part of the essential ice accessories. Without cooling the cocktail is not really worth relishing. Ice tongs and other ice accessories are commonly used by bartenders to make cocktails even more tempting for the guests.


Now that you are aware of all the cocktail equipment available, preparing your favorite cocktails will not be a daunting task.  One final tip: Fill your cocktail glass with ice and water whilst you prepare your cocktail and then when you are ready to strain your cocktail into your glass, discard of the water and ice and your cocktail glass will be perfectly chilled.

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