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A journey into the world of malt whisky with Uisge Beatha

Article by Samantha

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whisky is barely enough” – Mark Twain

Every lover of malt whisky sooner or later becomes a connoisseur and a collector to some extent, which often is a natural journey of discovery into the world of Malt Whisky. Uisge Beatha – a unique concept to showcase finest single malts of Scotland, is one of the catalysts of the journey.

Uisge Beatha is a scot Gaelic word for ‘aqua vitae – water of life’ from which the word whisky is derived and is pronounced as ISHKA – BAHA. The concept sought to demystify the complex world of malt whisky for new consumers and engage them in learning about the origins, get expert advice on malts and tasting the myriad flavours of whisky. The concept went on to win the coveted industry honour of Best Speciality Concept Frontier Award at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes.

Thereon, several airports introduced the concept at their duty free shops with their nuances, including the duty free shop in Delhi, India. This showcases malt whisky from Scotland and offers to customers and malt connoisseurs an overwhelming choice and unique experience. Even a booklet representing the entire range, complete with tasting notes and advice has been developed which are given away to passengers who take a keen interest in Malts.

Malt Whisky is a unique drink produced with passion, bottled and aged with exceptional care by true craftsmen giving it a distinctive character and a special experience enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. To the whisky connoisseur, single malts are quite simply the crème de la crème of whisky, the epitome of quality, luxury and exclusivity.

Primarily Malt Whisky has three ingredients – water, barley and yeast. Sugar is extracted out of the barley by letting it grow a bit and then mill it. Then water is added to it and the sugar is drained out. The sugar liquid is then added to yeast which is further cooked, distilled and matured. And Scottish malts come mainly from four main regions within Scotland – Speyside, Highland, Lowlands and Islay.Every malt at Uisge Beatha is unique with its rich history, encased in beautiful bottles that simply provide one of the fascinating and indulgent experiences. Some of the finest malts are available at Uisge Beatha, like the Cardhu, Glenfiddich, Johnnie Walker Green Label, the Glenlivet, Caol Ila, Taliskar, Scapaand many more.

The Uisge Beatha also stocks some of most expensive and best crafted malts aged with care, like the Highland Park Vintage, Macallan Limited Edition, Glengoyne, Dalmore, Auchentoshan 50 YO, Bowmore and more. This unique single malt platform brings to table the best from the world of whisky and also offers a chance to know, learn and grow for the malt lovers.

The journey of discovering malts is endless, one which once you embark on, we are sure you’ll enjoy!