The Beginner’s Guide to Mixing Drinks

It might be that you have decided to broaden your taste in drinks and now, instead of drinking only the bottled brews, you want to try to mix your own drinks. On the whole, mixing your own drinks is simple if you have the knowledge and the right instruments to help you along. There are many mixed drink recipes available on the internet and in books that will allow you to be the hit of the party and provide all your guests with the essentials of a good alcoholic beverage.

The most important aspect of a mixed drink is to use the best alcohol and not the cheaper varieties. The name brands cost more for a reason. If you have a budget and are limited to what you can start with, choose the two or three mixed drinks that are your favorite and buy what you need to make them. As time goes on, you can pick up one or two extra bottles of something new to add to your collection. Once you are fully stocked, you will only need to replace the bottles as you use them.

The best way to learn how to mix drinks is to learn some of the more prominent terms associated with it. This will make recipes much easier for you to understand.

1. Blend – simply put, add the ingredients to a blender and go.

2. Cocktail Shaker – an essential tool in allowing drinks to be shaken properly without making a mess. It is usually made from a stainless steel and usually has a glass that fits in the top of the lid. Add the ice and the mixed drink ingredients to the shaker add the glass to the lid and shake. When complete, tip the shaker to fill the glass and serve.

3. Dash – A dash of something means to add a small amount of your ingredient. In real measure, it is about a fourth of a teaspoon.

4. Glassful – Again a very vague estimate but you can safely say that it means a full glass.

5. To Shake – This term means the ingredients of the drink is added to the shaker listed above and shake contents about five to six times to mix properly.

6. Stir – you can use a long handled spoon or an especially designed stirrer to get this effect. Some drinks will ask that you stir the ice in the drink and then remove the ice for the final results.

7. To Strain – To accomplish this mixed drink requirement, you will need a small strainer. The strainer will allow the liquid through but hold the ice back in an easy way.

Now you know some of the more basic terms that are essential parts of mixing drinks, you only need a good recipe to start creating your one and only masterpiece for yourself and your guests. Some of the better recipes are available for printing right from the internet. For those who can spend a little bit of money, recipe books will add a nice touch to the décor of the home bar and give you a readily accessible guide.

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