The Best Mixed Drink Recipes & Body Shots : Making A “Dirty Ash Tray” Mixed Drink

How to make a “Dirty Ash Tray” mixed drink; get expert tips on making your favorite shots, cocktails, and mixed alcoholic drinks in this free bartending video. Expert: Adam Nieman Bio: Adam Nieman has been working at the ‘All American Bird Bar and Grill’ for about a year, but he has been a bartender for over 5 years. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers
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25 Responses to “The Best Mixed Drink Recipes & Body Shots : Making A “Dirty Ash Tray” Mixed Drink”

  • Geoffry1988:

    And certain death

  • gtaleone:

    It has a sam ingredients ass the long island iced tea

  • foolish42088:

    Wow, dam bleeding for real?? Geeez.

  • foolish42088:

    Signs and symptoms associated with diarrhea may include:

    •Frequent loose, watery stools
    •Abdominal cramps
    •Abdominal pain
    •Lightheadedness or dizziness from dehydration

  • foolish42088:

    LOL copy and past from wikipedia. good idea, I think im just going to start copying and pasting random cures and symptoms of diarrhea.

  • YoShitsWk:


  • xion665:

    Who gives a fuck what kind of liquor is what. As long as you know the name of the one you like….fucking order it. Stop trying to correct everyone you come across. Makes you look like a douche.

  • drewmany: people have nothing else to do but argue about mixed drinks…get out to a bar and drink ’em and get fucked up and forget about it!

  • thebladesman:

    “ka- rock-o”!? it’s pronounced “cure-ah-sow”

  • CastingStonez:

    Get off Wikipedia. Dont copy and past! SERIOUSLY!

    Cointreau is a “BRAND OF TRIPLE SEC”
    its “NOT” a different liqueur.

    Grand Marnier is “NOT” a cognac!!!
    Its a liqueur. If it were a Cognac, then by LAW and PATEND rights, it has to be called a Cognac, therefore it “MUST BE MADE IN COGNAC FRANCE”. Its NOT!

    Just like Champagne MUST be made in Champagne France or its JUST a sparkling wine.
    Bourbon MUST be made in Bourbon County Kentucky, if not? then its just Whiskey.
    Good try though…

  • CastingStonez:

    So as a 20yr old we can see you know how to use Wikipedia online… lol…

    the initial comment is about triple sec and blue curacao being both orange liquors… in which im still right!

    A non-native plant developed from the Valencian ORANGE…
    The liqueur has an orange flavor and It is naturally COLORLESS, but is often given ARTIFICIAL coloring, most commonly BLUE, given that almost “NO” drinks or other foodstuffs exist that are truly blue colored by nature.

    And TRIPLE SEC is 30%.

  • Woodstockfoto:

    Triple sec is made using dried orange peels from the Caribbean while blue curacao is made from the laraha citrus fruit. Cointreau is made from bitter oranges and is 40% alcohol/volume where as triple sec is 15-20%. So it is a concentrated/stronger triple sec. And Grand Marnier is a cognac that is the essence of bitter oranges. SO while they all have similar flavour that is all…So unless it is triple sec it isn’t a Long Island but a variation.

    And the garnish will change based on the drink.

  • CastingStonez:

    Blue curacao IS TRIPLE SEC!!! with blue dye… brother…
    They are both AN ORANGE Liquor, along with COINTREAU and GRAND MARNIER…
    “and a garnish dont change the alcohol in the drink”
    its an ICED TEA and tea’s get a lemon garnish… SOURS get a lime, and COLLINS get a cherry…

    its still a long island…
    A long beach iced tea, is a long island with COKE instead of CRANBERY…

  • Woodstockfoto:

    Except a long island doesn’t have blue curaco it has triple sec and there is a garnish.

  • CastingStonez:

    come on guys??? this is a long island…
    and you just replace the coke with grenadine & pinneapple…

  • blakey689:

    in the bar down the street from me, they call this the revengeful shot. it always gets u in the morning

  • greenwall100:

    haa , hes drunk. been drinking your own koolAid

  • eyobg16:

    down this and ur askin for a bad hangover

  • enochh31:

    I guess every city calls it something different, we call it the irish trashcan in WA

  • coorzaa:

    this shit is strong.. i had 3 double shot.. i was
    fucked lol =

  • mnem0nical:

    holy crap.

  • myrtonen:

    The guy looks like a retard when shaking vertically.

  • MessyVampkin:

    This drink is also known as a kick in the head.

  • littlejfox:

    damn youd get fucked off that shit

  • OriginallyInspired:

    if dat doesnt give uu a headache i dnt kknow wat will

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