The Blue Hawaiian Cocktail – TipsyBartender

The Blue Hawaiian is a nice drink for girls! Chicks dig it! I also tell you about one of the more fucked up aspects of being a bartender…The Secret Shopper! RECIPE ============= 1oz Vodka 1oz Coconut Rum 2oz Pineapple Juice 1oz Sweet & Sour 1oz Blue Curacao
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “The Blue Hawaiian Cocktail – TipsyBartender”

  • Lastixen:

    lol you cool man ..

  • thejesinator:

    bring back some tales from the frontlines after the drinks again!


    i think he should tell the prices too just for the hell of it when he makes the drink like how much a drink was when u buy it at a club

  • TheGooseNut:

    vent much

  • 50Mrmasta:

    Since we are talking about Narcs… The high school I went to was mostly black and this white girl transfered to the girls basketball team and there were rumors that she could shoot really good but all she shot were air balls… and she was sucking every dude on the basketball teams dick but 2 months later… like 10 dudes were busted for selling drugs and they all went to jail because of her… lol

  • Kasakee2:

    I had 3 of these last night I was fucking gone… But damn it was good shit, creeped on me though didn’t even c it coming

  • KingNike316:

    Mystery Shoppers, I feel your pain John.

  • kassraNo2:

    ahahahaha Skyy is hilarious

  • wallykit:

    LOL Damn I know about them secret shoppers. Hate them too. Makes someone paranoid as a mother.

  • Silwerzz:

    Make the classic Martini 🙂

  • localtuber27:

    LMAO chicks dig it in the description!! my ex hoe got me drinking this shit yea i get shit from my boys but its fucn good

  • Wegas2k:

    Make a Flaming Moe 🙂

  • rykuo15:

    they got people like that buyin shit in hardees

  • Oscandic:

    50 seconds of drinks
    3 minutes of bartending story

  • Celwynar:

    thumbs up if you like the way sky says pineapple juice.

  • XJumpManReturnsX:

    0:00 he looks like he’s singing lmaooo

  • serebros4:

    skky what brand and model of hd camera are you using to shoot your videos

  • phunnybunny8:

    @619anastasia i’m white actually, work and go to university. and according to statistics you are prolly white, insecure and blame ur lack of a job on immigrants. seriously, if you didn’t want a million hate messages, don’t write racist messages. who would have guessed that fans of a black guy on youtube may not like racism? 😛

  • Damadehierro89:

    LMFAOOOOOOOO!!!!! Im rolling at how he said “You Crazy Bitch!!!”

  • morales760:

    Damn didn’t know you had to deal with undercovers they keep me on edge too.

  • UrGirlfriendsBF:


  • mike12jrw1111113:

    This is the bar tending show I love. Giving interesting stories and information about the bar scene while teaching us some cool drinks. Quality stuff john keep em up!

  • marleejoan:

    Were’s the pretty women John Lol

  • submitenter:

    I HATE secret shoppers!! Half the time they’re fuckin rude, that’s the first sign that it’s a secret shopper, they take no time to look at the menu, and they’re wearing a ball cap and a button down shirt. always. But damn dude, KFC has this entire script that you need to follow, and they’re basically testing you on if you followed the script right, and honestly most of us cut corners cus we’re doing that shit all fuckin day.

  • denjia721:

    Secret shoppers? Where you work? Applebee”s

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