“The Bubblegum Martini” with Mixologist Joe Vita at Mohegan Sun, CT

At Leffingwells Bar at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT, we skip the gambling and experience some childhood flavors all grown-up. Their Bubblegum Martini is pretty, pink and bubblelicious, and mixologist Joe Vita shares his best bartender tricks while whipping up this fun cocktail that literally tastes like “adult chewing gum.” Tip: Measure approximately 2 oz. vodka for a standard martini glass Tip: Cask & Cream™ is a silky, brandy based liqueur Tip: Some ice OK, it will chill and add necessary water to the cocktail Trick: Chill glassware while you prepare cocktail ingredients Trick: For a pretty pink cocktail, use a splash of grenadine Technique: A classic “bartender shake” is above the shoulder with short bursts Technique: Strain the cocktail to remove extra ice shards

2 Responses to ““The Bubblegum Martini” with Mixologist Joe Vita at Mohegan Sun, CT”

  • LunasCraincloud:

    I’ll go ahead you’ll go ahead they go ahead…

  • MrLeonjames23:

    great!,..but your doing it wrong dude,..you should have strain it from the stainless glass part of the boston shaker to the martini glass,..just to avoid the ice on falling into the glass..

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