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The Fame and Infamy of Martini Glasses

A martini glass is defined by its distinctive, profound V-shaped vessel for grasping not just the drink it is famously named after, but to also cater to any type of cocktails chilled without ice in them. The martini glass history is a colorful one, and has many attachments to it, just like the drink itself.

A little history lesson; before the advent of martini drinks, the vessels were simply known as cocktail glasses. After the eponymous invention of the martini drink, martini glasses came to be born. A good martini glass has an expansive bowl to help bring about the gin’s bouquet.

Glasses for martinis were designed in such a way that the drinker is able to hold on to the stem without compromising the integrity of the drink. Straight up martinis are served in long stemmed glasses so that the liquids remain cool throughout. By comparison, drinks which are served on the rocks or with ice do not require stemmed vessels.

Modern martini glasses come in varying shapes, materials, colors and dimensions. In fact, several manufacturers have taken to produce martini glasses which have painted designs or silk-screen effects.

Celebrities associated with the famous martini drinks include the actress Mae West, author F. Scott Fitzgerald and jack London. Let us also not forget the character James Bond, who single-handedly made the martini drink and glass more famous than it ever was.

An interesting fact about the martini glass is its unique design; it is said that the reason for the expansive bowl is that the drink could be finished in a single swig, as during the Prohibition era, it was absolutely necessary to down a drink quickly with the constant threat of raids.

As people become more resourceful and inventive, martini glasses now enjoy a resurgence as unique gifts. Many high-end to normal department stores carry an array of hand-painted martini glasses for sale. These glasses have a multitude of designs, ranging from bold to elegant. Not only do they make wonderful gifts, but if you are able to collect enough, they can be used to brighten up your dinners and parties. Unfortunately, hand-painted martini glasses are quite costly, as the preparation process is quite tricky and intricate.

However, if you are adventurous enough, you can try a hand at painting your own martini glasses. All the supplies you would need are available at local craft stores, from paints to silk-screens to paint brushes and stencils if you have steady hands.

Making your own hand-painted martini glasses would be a great gift for loved ones. It sure beats store-bought ones as the designs are truly yours. If you are keen, you can even stencil in photos of family members, pets and friends. You can even use extra embellishments like beads, cabochons or glitter paint to make the designs come alive. In certain craft stores, you can also purchase guide books on how to design one. If done and cared for the right way, these martini glasses will last a long time to come.

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