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The Macallan Brand : Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A short promotional film from the Macallan about their brand and the famous Single Malt Scotch Whisky they produuce.
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23 Responses to “The Macallan Brand : Single Malt Scotch Whisky”

  • dagonzos:

    isn’t personal choice a bitch sometimes? I bartend and I had a guy order it with coke!!!! I almost cried but it is his preference and his money. just sayin. . .

  • ElPedroWhisky:

    Ice, lime and soda…WTF!!!!
    Please get rid of the video

  • Adbobo88:

    Macallan with ice or soda? they might as well just have a Johnnie Walker..

  • sniperchen:


    One of my top 3 choice scotch brands

  • shintaru88:

    The Macallan Negroni anyone has tried this cocktail ?

  • llew777:

    straight up,with ice, pure spring water,your choice no other way.
    Nice to see quality still has a meaning, a salute to the craftsman from the field to the malting floor, the coopers to the bottle, may tradition live on.

    Rob from Canada

  • clank4001:

    neat only pleez

  • riptheearlynovember:


  • brucee1ee:

    I prefer to drink it with Sparkling Water – San Pellegrino

  • brucee1ee:

    I Prefer to Drink IT over the ice with a little bit of Sparkling Water – San Pellegrino

  • brucee1ee:

    I prefer to drink it with Sparkling water – San Pellegrino ^_^

  • bkscdw:

    what is the music at the start? anyone?

  • 635buchanan:

    es mui buena marca pero yo mekedo con buchanan eso es esencia para el paladar probaclo.

  • iyot1020:

    @UUNetBill if u have a 30 yr old the only thing it should be mixed is spring water and fine cuban cigar!!!!

  • Temperdgrump:

    The fine oak is better than the sherry.

  • tekwuz:

    ok… why they advertise a single malt with ice, lime, or soda??? this is blasphemy! haha… macallan is sweet for my palate and adding additional crap to dilute the single malt characteristics of macallan is just horrendous.. never try islay malts, especially ardbeg and laphroaig, if speyside malts are too strong for your palate..

  • Ichnos76:

    What?! Is this real??ICE???lime??
    Only some mineral water and nothing more.
    This is a kind of propaganda for americans, which are used to drink bourbon and whiskey.

  • wpayton0034:

    @UUNetBill Never ever ever… ever ruin such a fine thing with such filth!! You want to enhance the experience drink a fine Colombian coffee with milk beforehand Then drink and SAVOR these fine spirits then finish with a bitter chocolate.. enough said

  • fshalan:


    I wouldn’t do that even to my Russian Standart vodka…

  • GaelicPrince1977:

    I love Macallan! If you’re going to ruin scotch at least use Cutty Sark.

  • HeartnSoul99:

    I see I’m losing my time talking to you guys, sorry…I don’t agree with you.

  • thebsdguy:

    Mixing a good Scotch with lime isn’t that bad – remember that the taste of the whisky itself is quite overpowering for those who aren’t used to it.

    I bought a 16 year old Lagavulin and shared it with some friends – one guy took a sip and diluted it with soda water and added a splash of lime. Sure, I paid almost $100 for that bottle, but people have their tastes and preferences, and that’s a fact of life.

  • HeartnSoul99:

    The world’s most precious whisky…?!!!.come on…crushed with soda, lime and a ton of ice…ask Richard Paterson what he thinks about it, you’ll see his reaction ! I’ve tasted some beautiful Macallan’s but not all are beautiful…and I’m fed up with these stupid commercials…which include often some mistakes (most awarded whisky???uh, not sure !) etc…taste some of em blind and compare to some japanese same age, you may be surprised who wins ! not to mention the too high prices of em…

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