Three Reasons Personalised Whisky Makes a Fabulous Gift

Article by Totally_Gifts

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift, it requires you to put some thought into it so you can be certain you’ve chosen exactly the right thing. Whatever the occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and everything in between – the right present can really help to make the event. If you know someone who enjoys a drop or two of whisky from time to time, why not make their day by buying them some delicious personalised whisky? We take you through three reasons why you should.

Great for any occasion

This could be a particularly great gift for your dad on Father’s Day or your husband on his birthday, but it works for practically any occasion. The bottles come with a personalised label, which is a really nice touch as it lets the person receiving the gift know that you thought carefully about what to get them and took the time to get it personalised rather than just picking up a non-descript bottle in the supermarket. The labels are printed with the name of the recipient and they can also include the special event you are buying the gift for. Examples include Father’s Day, Best Man at a Wedding and Valentine’s Day. This means there are loads of options available and you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

Different types of whisky

There are also different types of whisky available, so if the person you are buying for has a favourite, you will be able to find one that they are sure to love. You have a choice between malt and blended whisky. For those not in the know, malt whisky tends to have a distinctive flavour as it uses single malt, whereas blended whisky blends different malts together to create a smooth taste that is delicious but not quite as acquired. This makes blended whisky a good option for anyone who is not a connoisseur of the drink.

When buying personalised whisky, if you choose a malt whisky then it is most likely to come from Glen Grant, whose heritage dates back to 1840. This makes it a gift packed with history as well as character and flavour and it is sure to be a winner with whoever you give it to. Blended whisky is made from Scottish malt and grain to create a delicious peaty flavour that is sure to turn anyone into a fan of the drink.

Add a personalised newspaper

For something extra special, you could give a gift of personalised whisky along with a newspaper from the date of birth of the person receiving your gift. For instance, the personalised blended whisky and newspaper from a date of your choosing would be a really special birthday gift, combining history with the specific tastes of the person you’re buying for, making personalised whisky an overall fantastic gift option.

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