Three Wisemen, Christmas Tree, Mistletoe – TipsyBartender

Gina introduces us to three Christmas drinks; Three Wisemen, Mistletoe & Christmas Tree. RECIPE ======== -Three Wisemen- Jim Beam Jack Daniels Johnnie Walker -Christmas Tree- Grenadine Creme de Menth Baileys -Mistle Toe- Gin Lemon Juice Grenadine GINA’S VIDEOS: youtube FIND TIPSYBARTENDER ==================== TWITTER: Twitter FACEBOOK: facebook BUY T-SHIRTS: TipsyBartender.Spreadshirt
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Three Wisemen, Christmas Tree, Mistletoe – TipsyBartender”

  • rorrt:

    She is hilarious.
    “I don’t put up a tree because i don’t have the time to take it down”
    “Then get a fake one…”
    “You still need to take down a fake tree.”

  • TwiinStar1224:

    @kemoXZ you know it!

  • TwiinStar1224:

    @bkeener86 it was nice reading you’re life story :S (note the heavy sarcasm)

  • nativegangstadogtv:

    She took that 3WM luke a champ

  • stiliqn007:

    wow lol my country is based on a christmas tree drink XD

  • Koenigsbomber:


    It’s called punctuation, use it!

    BTW: Leck doch mini Eier, was du grad gseit hesch het überhaupt kein Sinn gmacht also heb’ eifachdini Frässe.

  • mychemicalromance463:

    @Koenigsbomber fucking queer was it your shower buddy

  • Koenigsbomber:

    I fucking hate Jim Beam because of the name.

  • kemoXZ:

    Here in Canada we do it in separate shots. 3 shots straight to your livaaaa.

  • bradydancer15:

    she is my fav<3

  • bkeener86:

    @TipsyBartender unfortnately she was 17 i was 23 you see the problem…fuck going to jail besides i’m not into taking advantage of women if a woman wants me she better commit & show me she’s not going to hit it then quit it.But if i ever come to LA he should hangout you seem like the kinda guy i’d be proud to call my friend.Want to know something scaring but funny me & my other two friends come home to finding our room mate banging his girl but one thing she wasn’t making a sound rofl.

  • bkeener86:

    @TipsyBartender As while i’m not a nice guy shit man i want to keep whoever i’m involved with but i’ll only have one relationship fuck that pimping bullshit.I’m nice to my woman but at the same time i’m a freak/badboy in bed just saying ya boy is confident & sexy as hell seriously i found this out once when my friend was trying to get him a slice because he’s a sick twisted bastard who was trying to cheat on his girl but i cockblocked unintentionally because apparently she want me lol.

  • bkeener86:

    @TipsyBartender uh huh sure you are sky i’m an aquarius soooooooooo yeah i know you’ve hit it off with some of them even if you just dating one you still got a woman i mean damn you like me you have a great personnality man.But in no way do i think you’d used a woman you’re too cool & nice to pull that shit.That woman you made the scooby snack with is just breathtaking she’s beautiful i’d love to date her but i’m not douche or fool i’d want som commitment before i hit it.

  • blackbeardbastard:

    too bad you cut the reaction after three wiseman! would love to see gina’s face!

  • chris255N:

    is this the same gina from the other videos or are there two ginas?

  • 33linus33:

    did you change shirts then shoot the Adios MuthaFucka Video after the booze kicked in!

  • alfred0vega:

    My fav girl on the show so far.

  • Nordfelt:

    I always drink three fingers of Kahlua with Eggnog!

    Great vid Skyy, I don’t care what they say about you my nigga!

  • xlegendzx3:

    this man is getting laid and payed ?

  • musikdrengen02:

    yeh, lol.
    Never happened with Melissa, the Milf mum ? XD hahahaha

  • jakeknowsall:

    im just wondering if this dude bangs all these fine ass girls

  • Kalonsoldierfront:

    @TipsyBartender professional at laying pipe ya sick son of a bitch

  • 1991ncw:

    I wnaa guest howst

  • SocaTrain:

    gina is a gangsta for taking that shot in one gulp!

  • OpalEl:

    Oh my gosh you guys must be fucked up when you’re done!! LOL

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