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What’s Wine? Half 2: The Science of Wine (Ep. 2)

What’s inside your glass of wine, scientifically talking? On this episode you’ll discover out why wine has sulfites and the way every compound class contributes to wine’s distinctive acquired style.

What’s Wine: The Science of Wine

When you had been to style Chardonnay grape juice, it will style nothing like a wine made with the exact same grapes. Why is that? Nicely, the fermentation causes a collection of chemical reactions that unlock the grape’s potential as wine. (Truthfully, Chardonnay grape juice doesn’t style as distinctive because the wine!)

Wanting inside a glass of Chardonnay reveals some elementary details:

  • Round 85% of the liquid is water.
  • About 13–15% (a lot of the remaining portion) is ethanol alcohol.
  • All the distinctive qualities come from a tiny fraction of what stays within the bottle of wine.

The 2 largest elements of the rest embody acids and glycerol.

Wine is an acidic beverage, much more acidic than espresso. Most wines vary from about three pH (very tart) to four pH (clean and spherical).

Glycerol is a weird flavorless, colorless, viscous fluid with an indescribable candy style and an oily texture. Though, science can’t verify it but, most consider that glycerol contributes to the physique of wine.

Video Contents

  • The totally different bottle sizes of wine.
  • The correct serving measurement for wine.
  • Which wines have excessive energy and carbs (and low-calorie wines too!).
  • Why males can drink greater than girls.
  • The chemical constituents of wine.
  • What sulfites are and the way they have an effect on well being.

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