whisky review 115 – Grant’s Family Reserve (Blended Scotch)

…. A big selling Whisky in many Countries around the World.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • 1DeathWalkingTerror1:

    Great review, I’m hooked…!

  • EVILbassplayer666:

    motoroil? What water do you use? I also have an engine cooling water to try? hahaha ..

    Good review again ..

    I’ve bought several whiskies, through your reviews

  • unwhack:

    personally, i really dont like this blend. but thats just my impression

  • rat4spd:

    A very pleasant blend considering it’s half the price of the cheaper single malts.

  • jaylukest:

    Finally purchased this one tonight. Strikingly similar to the double priced Grant’s Glenfiddich 12yo (and I know it’s the same company). Is it possible there is quite a bit of the Glenfiddich 12yo in here at this point in time? To me, GFiddich 12yo is fairly spicey as was this one (Grant’s Family Reserve).

    Thanks for the review (and yes, I tasted the motor oil too)


  • olinowetz:

    …bought my first bottle of this last week. In Macau, China…not overwhelmed by it’s taste ’til now. Guess it takes a couple of more glasses for me to understand it’s complexity and to warm up to it.
    Your review devinitely helps…Cheers

  • blitzspeer:

    Cutty Sark,J&B,Dewars,Johnnie W.red,Scoresby,Inverhouse,White label all terrible!For under $25.00 Grants is definitely a better blended and at $30.00 or less go with The Dimple Pinch and that is if you’re purchasing a blended but for $25.00 you could buy a bottle of Speyburn Baden Orach which for the price is a respectful single Speyside malt so do as you will.

  • ralfystuff:

    … at the beginning of a whisky-journey, keep it comfortable !
    Go for Blends like Teachers Highland Cream, Ballantines 12yo, or Black Bottle (peaty)
    Malts ? – Glenfiddich 12yo, Old Pulteney 12yo and Bunnahabhain 12yo.

    …. than spread you malty-wings by checking out wwwlfw.co.uk & ‘search’ ACE.
    All results are good stuff !

    … good luck.

  • Boneyards1989:

    Hi Ralfy, I’ve only just started my whisky “journey”, initially spurred on by Christopher Hitchens who among other things is famous for whisky drinking. He drinks Johnnie Walker Black so I did a YouTube search for it and up popped your video. After watching one I couldn’t stop, you have inspired an interest within me, which I thank you for. I bought a bottle of the Grants (which I drank over the past two nights) but I found it quite strong, what whisky do you recommend to a beginner?

  • fanofnothingface:

    This is a very reasonable bottle for the price, but I think it’s very drinkable. Agree with Ralfy.

    BTW – Great review Raly. I just discovered you tonight and your reviews are on mark. I appreciate the efforts!

  • TheRobertjavier81:


  • fretjamdotcom:

    Wow, good review yet so cheap! £10 for 700ml.


    It all tastes and smells like iodine 😉

  • chrish12345:

    I’m just thinking why should you not slosh whisky in the glass, I’ve seen people do it and maybe they would say it adds oxygen to get more flavours out.

  • ralfystuff:

    @JohnnyH1982 … excellent information Johnny, and thanks for that, … from your own Vlog review recently, I know you know your Military stuff !

  • ralfystuff:

    @RuudJH … thanks !

  • JohnnyH1982:

    Hey Ralfy, I thought I’d share some trivia which you probably already knew but Grants was the official whisky of the Gordon Highlanders Regiment which sadly was stood down in 1994 to form the Highlanders which again was amalgamated into the super regiment a few years back :(.

    The inscription of HOLD FAST which is featured on the crest of the bottle is from the Gordon Highlanders Regiment. Although the Regiment no longer technically exists the brand of Grants Whisky still carries their motto.

  • ibless:

    grant’s scotch not a very good choice , too harsh.not bad if you’re broke

  • t1hero:

    It does not age in an unopened bottle so it will sertenly be good. Price depends, whiskeyauction has a 31yo at eur1200 so it might be valuable.

  • dirkwang1:

    got a bottle still in box, laphroaig 30 year old, can anyone tell me if its any good?? and if getting rid of it what i should be asking for??(cash/trade)

  • ralfystuff:

    @chrish12345 …. slippy ones !

  • chrish12345:

    Ralfy which motor oils do you recommend?

  • lqprimetime:

    need more reviews!

  • RuudJH:

    Great you were really sent the email regarding the 30 year old malt blend you did in 114.
    Great and sporty, some blenders do get into the spirit of your reviews as well, as they reveal some of their secrets.
    Keep up the excellent honest reviews you’ve given. I think i’ve viewed allmost all of them so far.

  • DarkheartTheHeritic:

    all good things come to those who wait 😉

    “Crosses fingers” bushmills bushmills bushmills anything from bushmills preferably the original but anythig from bushmills 😀

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