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whisky review 22 – Macallan 10 yo (Sherry)

scotch malt whisky whiskey review
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  • tsitzer:

    The purpose of my comment was to incite reaction, and I believe you and Ralfy are right on the mark. The language is ambiguous, but I attribute it to branded eliticism rather than evasive description. The situation’s frustrating; for me, a bottle’s an investment.
    Coincidentally, I am sitting next to and hap’ly sipping the 54.2% 6/11N Nadurra. What a scotch, complex and pure. See Ralfy, Peatluvr’s reviews. But the “craft presentation” is lacking. Accuracy, specificity.

  • chrish12345:

    @tsitzer The way Macallan word that statement seems very legalistic and ambiguous. Why do they say the wood interaction adds ‘diversity of colour’ rather than just the actual colour itself? ‘We insist on’ – Insisting on something isn’t the same as stating that something is the case. Look at the way Glenlivet Nadurra (meaning ‘natural’) clearly states ‘nothing added’ in the packaging then we find out it has E150 in it from the export bottles. Sorry maybe I’m just being over suspicious.

  • ralfystuff:

    simply because it sells !

  • BShell89:

    Found the Select Oak 1824 series in the duty free shop in the airport. Picked up a bottle because it was decently affordable. Interesting single malt. I prefer it to the fine oak at least. The sherry cask is most noticeable, but some of the sweet bourbon comes through in the finish. Any thoughts on why Macallan would have a series devoted only to travel retail? Suckers like me?

  • ralfystuff:

    Signatory single cask Mortlach. (all gone now)

  • OTEP1234567891011:

    Which whiskey has gotten Ralphey’s highest rating?

  • ralfystuff:

    If there’s no E150a in Macallan Malts, it should be stated clearly on the label “Natural Colour”.
    This would show respect for the customer.

  • tsitzer:

    “At The Macallan, natural colour is something we insist on, it is the interaction of spirit and wood alone which delivers the rich diversity of colour evident through the Macallan range.”

    The Macallan website reiterates this claim.

    I admire Ralfy’s passion and refer to his reviews as soon as Broom’s and Jackson’s , but I’m confident Macallan does not use E-150. I just bought a 12 y.o. and like to believe that The Macallan has enough respect for its drinkers not to mislead them.


  • ralfystuff:

    OK but variable !

  • Hamporkcheese:

    your opinion the 12 yr???

  • ralfystuff:

    avooid the Fine Oak range and don’t pay too much for the decent 18yo.

  • ralfystuff:

    some are not so good, so beware what you go for, I would avoid the Fine Oak range.

  • kryptos7799:

    Sorry haha. What about the other Macallan scotches?

  • kryptos7799:

    What about the other macs,,an

  • olivercopsey:

    I want your job

  • TheGeffenizlude:

    That “metallic” odd flavor you mention, the one that remains after a sip seems to me to be present in the 12year old as well. if you can narrow your senses a bit It almost resembles a green Spanish olive. I really had to think about it for a bit, and for the most part I can excuse it because the flavors in this malt are wonderful. Disappointing that there is artificial coloring added to this malt, I think your score is a little low, but it’s your video. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • BigJamook:

    @ozstriker1984 I concur. I’ve just purchased a bottle today and its nowhere near as “tanned” as Ralfys bottle, they’ve changed the label too.

  • ozstriker1984:

    I just bought a bottle of macallan and it looked no where near as dark as this, maybe they have recently removed the 150

  • reece32100:

    My bottle of the ten year old is light honey colored nd quite pale. The box says natural color. I can’t believe how dark yours is Ralfy!! I do enjoy this whisky, The first glass was almost uneventful but as it decants (slowly) it is begining to open up and show its true colors. I find no trace of e150 in my bottle. 85/100

  • vilainkikinou:

    thanks, I’ll save my money because I have been eyeing MCALLAN up for a moment and got close to bying it…

  • ralfystuff:

    look out for GlenDronach 15yo and single cask versions.

  • alraune149:

    So far this macallan 10 Years Sherry Oak to me is one of the very best whiskies I come across.
    But you´re probably right. I myself prefer scotch whiskies without e150 since it is no lemonade 😉
    So far I´m still searching for a sherry oak and bourbon oak influenced whisky (like glenfarclas 15) but with a hint of peat (old fashioned style?) could it be the FINEALTA (e150???) Any recommendations?
    regards! Keep on doing your videos! I like them very much.

  • ralfystuff:

    there should never be any E150a in Malts, and ALL Distillers should state clearly on the bottle NO E150a otherwise we can safely presume there is (or they will add E150a if they want to at some point).

    Malt whisky producers should not be economical with the truth. … it’s disrespectful to customers.

  • alraune149:

    There is a hint on the package not on the bottle that macallan insists on natural colour which means no e150 is added by the way great whisky

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