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whisky review 92 – Lagavulin 12 yo cask strength

… big belter from Islay gets the ‘whiskyreview’ treatment

25 Responses to “whisky review 92 – Lagavulin 12 yo cask strength”

  • bogliwan:

    “Refined for something so intense” perfectly sums up Lagavulin.

  • ralfystuff:

    the Laga !

  • Oralmeddoc:

    Hi Ralfy,
    Lagavulin 12 yo cask strength or Ledaig 10 yo (craft version @46.3%, natural color, no chill filtration). Same price (about 55 USD).
    Which would you choose, if you could only buy one?

  • ralfystuff:

    they all have E150a unless stated on the label that they don’t.

  • AbacoBahamaMan:

    @Ralfy I really get the bitter chocolate as you describe. It’s flat out fantastic. Price was $90 USD which I believe is 57GBP if I did the conversion right. Thats a high price, but considering the 16 year old is $85USD or 54GBP, I dont mind paying the extra $5USD for the higher strength of this 12 year old, although the 16 year old is a little more complex and richer. I have a hunch the 12 year doesnt have E150 while the 16 year old appears to have it added. What do you think?

  • AbacoBahamaMan:

    Ralfy, just got my bottle of this today via special delivery. I think this malt is fantastic. It’s a huge bang for your buck bottle at this strength. Cheers!

  • ralfystuff:

    compared to the colour of most blended whiskies, this is refreshingly pale.

  • AbacoBahamaMan:

    Ralfy, why did you say this is “on the paler side of blended whiskies”? I know you are hinting at the addition or lack of E150, but this is not a blended whisky. Please explain if I was missing something you were trying to relay about this malt.

  • bonheurbrun:

    @ralfystuff Brora 30yo !

  • ralfystuff:

    very unlikely to give marks over 96. Nothings perfect.

  • Wokkaiser:

    Hey Ralfy,
    do you got a whisky with (closed to) a 100/100?
    Could be interesting for me, since I got into whisky community a while ago.

  • ralfystuff:

    Pricey but a good Malt …. peaty for sure, but peat is a personal experience, Look out for Port Charlotte Malt from Bruichladdich !

  • BorisStalin180:

    I love peated whiskys like Ardbeg and Laphroaig. I have also tried the Lagavulin 16, but I wasn’t that impressed. Dont get me wrong, I thought it was a quality, complex whisky, but I guess I was expecting more peat and smoke. Do you think I would enjoy the 12 year old more? Plus I found it at a local dealer for $79 (~50 pounds). A good buy?

    Thanks from Madison, Wisconsin!!

  • ralfystuff:

    I know the Ben Nevis in Argyll Street Finnieston ! …. good bar, one of the best !

  • ZZDC:

    How do? My fave Whisky is the Lagavulin 12, nice and smokey. Tell me, do you frequent the Ben Nevis bar in Glasgow? It is a fantasic bar with great staff and of course, great whisky on offer. I’m from Glasgow, but i live in Greece, we have Lagavulin here, but it is 50 Euros a bottle! Still, a great Whisky! Good review!

  • senditd:

    @ralfystuff 🙂 haha funny Ralfy

  • ralfystuff:

    … Iv’e completely forgotten !

  • senditd:

    what did you end up sending Mark?

  • miquitzin:

    @ralfystuff yeah ocho tequila is very good,,just wondering since many people have given the 2009 bottle a very good review thanks again ralfy

  • ralfystuff:

    … any year should do, … and look out for Ocho Tequila !!!

  • miquitzin:

    great review ralfy,im new to whisky im more of a tequila drinker,what year would you recommend from this series,i just saw one from 2009 would that be a god year to purchase,thanks for all the great reviews,i have learned alot from your review

  • ralfystuff:

    water is simply personal preference in relation to whisky-flavour and strength.
    Quality-wise, CI and Laga are simply different creatures and just as good.

  • chrish12345:

    Ralfy how does this one compare to the Caol Ila cask strength in quality? Also I notice this can be sampled neat whereas the Caol Ila needs a lot of water before you can even begin to find the flavours – is that because the Lagavulin is probably older and lower strength?

  • Ristiriita:

    The 2008 cost 45€ in Estonia, that s approximately 39£ or 62$. I bought it 4 months ago.

  • butephoto:

    @anorak1977 Yep, I got another one to stick in the stash as I’ve almost finished the first one (I think I’ll pour a dram tonight!). Looking forward to the 2010.

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