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Whisky Tasting 10: Lagavulin 16 Yr from Islay, Scotland

Lagavulin is from Islay. A distinct island region renounced for producuing peaty whiskies. 4 distilleries especially produce whiskies BIG in peat: Laphroaig, Port Ellen (silent now!), Ardbeg (reopened) and Lagavulin followed by the medium peat distilleries Bowmore and Caol Ila then the least peaty Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain. Lagavulin 16 is the flagship of this distillery. On the nose, sea breeze, sea mist, peat, sweet sherry, sweet maltiness, gun powder and smoke. Very complex nose! More of the above mixed in harmoniously with a velvety, full and round body. The finish is powerful and long with sustained peat and dark chocolate. The single malt is heavenly scoring extra points on complexity. Not a style for the faint hearted and can be a shock to the system! Just a note, I often serve a good malt whisky (or two or three!) rather than dessert wines after dinner. Is this an after dinner malt? Yes but for me an all day 24 hours malt! Yahoo! (95-97 points) Tasted by Michael Lam of the Beverage Review

25 Responses to “Whisky Tasting 10: Lagavulin 16 Yr from Islay, Scotland”

  • haehae85:

    There are the Kilchoman and port Charlotte (ok, that is almost Bruichladdich but not quite) distilleries too…

  • Equity213:

    The building is physically seperate from the actually grocery store, but its in the same lot and run by the same company. Just google superstore liquor.

  • pelletiert:

    @Equity213 you cant buy liquor in a grocery store in canada.

  • Equity213:

    I dont know where you Canadians are buying your scotch. Go to the superstore or costco liquor store. I just got a bottle of Laga16 for 72$. I also bought a bottle of laphroiag quarter cask for 40.99$.

    Anyways this Lagavulin will be the fourth scotch ive tried. Haven’t opened it yet but cant wait.

  • maydanlex:

    I agree with mrvirusSnake.

  • MrZhabadasher:

    @MrZhabadasher P.S I am relatively new to single malts. I found this gem in my local store, and fell in love with it. I also enjoy Ardbeg. Do you have any other suggestions possibly?

  • MrZhabadasher:

    This is my favorite Single Malt. Very full bodied. I prefer my drink chilled with no ice. I notice you drink yours neat.

  • chb46:

    mmm I love this one !!

  • chb46:

    mmm I love this one !!

  • FergusMacRoig:

    Lagavulin Rules! It’s my personal fave out of all SMS.

  • 1000rtodd:

    @MrVirusSnake I was going to post the same thing. Swirling wine is suitable bacasue of its low alcohol content compared to scotch. Swirling scotch drowns its natural aromas…swirling scotch is a “no no.” This guy can both pronounce and name a myriad of distilleries,but maybe we could show him how to drink.

  • FrostmoorX:

    I prefer Ardbeg, there is nothing better than to feel the nature of Islay in your mouth. Lagavulin is a very classy singel malt aswell 🙂

  • blanketmanNOR:

    I love this whisky!

  • senditd:

    great review buddy

  • MrVirusSnake:

    actually you DONT swirl whisky too much… you only swirl wine in order for the aromas to come out. whisky smells on its own it does not need agitation, if you swirl it you will only be bringing more alcohol into your nose making it harder to read…

  • fruithero:

    @DSBoomerRider Yeah same here, along with talisker.

  • pelletiert:

    this guy is a joke.

  • Therealalcon:

    you dont swirl sinle malt.

    Check out the highland park whisky reviews maybe you learn something.

    good video though

  • 1DeathWalkingTerror1:

    @michaelyblam double choc is good mainly in winter, try the special London Special Ale if you get a chance (amazing), and whilst in England you can’t go past Youngs Ramrod!

    Great review, but apparently swirling is not the thing to do (like wine) only tilting and rounding (just coating the galss) the scotch is the thing to do… all the best, keep up the great work!

    Lagavulin is an absolute ripper peat monster, like sitting around a campfire with family and friends, lovely stuff!

  • cattnipp:

    I have this expression - it takes time to get used to it!

  • TheEdelweissPirate:


    No, air helps to better experience the flavours of a whisky. When you taste something it’s still your nose which is doing most of the tasting. That’s why food is mostly tasteless when you have a strong cold: you can’t really taste what you’re eating because your nose is blocked.

  • TheEdelweissPirate:


    No, air helps to better experience the flavours of a whisky. When you taste something it’s still your nose which is doing most of the tasting. That’s why food is tasteless when you have a cold.

  • ion7:

    @marcelcelmar you reckon it’d be $10 for a taste?

  • MAXT3R88:

    Marvelous.. i tasted it for the very first time 2 hours ago.. paired with dark chocolate.. i definitely like this kind of whisky, and since i am new to this world, and i tasted also talisker (really good), could you suggest me any other wiskey like those that i sould absolutely try?

  • drprasad79:

    pronunciation is pronounced as ‘pronunciation’ not pronounciation

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