Wonderful New Drinks Warm Your Home Bar this Holiday Season

Article by Ben Weissman

As the holidays approach everyone is looking for new drinks to serve to family and friends. At the same time those who have a home bar are looking to refurbish and modernize their bar stools just in time to begin their holiday entertaining. It’s the time to look around and price those wood bar stools so that you can have them in time for holiday entertaining. At the same time the new holiday drink recipes are coming out for your reading pleasure. It’s the best time to look through all of the recipes while you are also preparing to replace or refurbish your old bar stools.

If you’re going to choose wood bar stools, you have to make sure the wood grain and color match your bar. Though you don’t have to choose ones that match your bar exactly, you do want to make sure the wood tint is as close to the color of the bar as possible. For example, if your bar is a dark wood, you don’t want to choose stools that are a blond wood. Add the new stools to your new choice of warm holiday drinks for an atmosphere that is both homey and full of holiday cheer.

When you think of warm holiday drinks, many people think of hot chocolate, but there are also many others such as flavored coffees and cappuccino in holiday flavors such as pumpkin and ginger. Of course, Irish coffee is always a great addition to any holiday faire. Regardless of what drinks you are serving your guests are sure to want to take some time to sit on one of your contemporary bar stools while they enjoy chatting with other guests at the party.

Your window shopping may also include a look at some metal bar stools if not specifically for the bar as an addition to the bar stools you already have. When there is a big party, it’s always good to make sure you have some stools for those who may prefer a stool to a chair or for extra guests who just may drop in. During the holidays you will always find you have more guests show up than you invited?not because they are trying to crash your party but because they were in the area and decided to stop in and say hello. Preparing for those holiday parties ahead doesn’t mean you have to spend a great deal of money. You can buy discount bar stools and prepare the lower cost holiday drinks. To save any more money you can ask your guests to contribute a drink of their choice or bring a recipe with the ingredients to make their special concoction for everyone to enjoy. While many people choose to spare no expense for holiday parties, there is no need to spend more than is necessary. Choosing only those things that will fit within your budget will make your holiday parties enjoyable while still allowing you to stay within the terms of your budget restraints.

For those great parties on a cold night, Whattodrink has a great recipe for Adult Hot Chocolate. Be sure to keep this separated from those under legal drinking age because it contains alcohol.

Ingredients: 1 cup Hot Cocoa, 1-1/2 ounces Peppermint Schnapps, 1 tbs whipped cream,

Mix the Hot Cocoa and the Schnapps in a warm coffee mug and top with whipped cream for a warm holiday drink that will fit right in with your party.

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